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Sunday 15 November


Coffee break

New, shop the Sunday Mood! Coffee break, sweaters and fluffy pillows.




Denim Sweater


Outside Lingerie


Gigi Hadid



Snow Jewelry


CoffeeWhite Sneakers


Home Decor Flares


Lace Bra Christmas Decor Star bandana

Images via TobruckAve Pinterest

Sunday mood is finally back! So excited about this little revamp, you can now shop the sunday mood. Each category of what we dream about on sundays in bed is now right here. I love sundays for coffee in bed, fluffy pillows and cozy sweaters and socks and obviously shopping from bed. Figured I should share the love and make this series all about that. Bed, home shopping and inspiration all in one. I can not believe we are in mid November, its almost the holidays, so on the shopping note, also stay tuned for gift guides for all your loved ones. Including yourself. Gift giving can be over whelming, however it is honestly one of my favorite things to do. I love shopping for others more than for myself! Something about giving that just makes me feel so warm and cozy inside. Coffee under the covers now. Happy Sunday lovers.

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