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Wednesday 04 November


My Sweet Story

My sweetie story, involves the charms that complete my spiritual energy I was missing for my travels to Mexico.

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Links of London bracelet

My very sweet special charms I selected are: Evil Eye, Lucky Clover and Crescent Moon

If you know me as a person, you know that I love believing in something. If someone tells me this bracelet will give you strength to get through tough days I will believe that it does have that power. I have been wearing a heart around my neck since I was 13 cause my mom gave it to me and I wont take if off cause I think it will be bad luck. I dont know the word for this, maybe its superstitious but I like black cats so that may not be the right one. Choosing the charms for my Links of Londonbracelet went beyond looking for something pretty. I chose charms that represent things that are missing in my life that I need extra strength for.  My sweet little charm story is now complete with exactly the type of mystical powers I needed in my life. The evil eye to keep away some traveling demons while I was on my trip to Mexico, I some how believe that it kept us all safe during the hurricane. The lucky charm, well who doesnt need a bit of good luck by your side and the crescent moon is always a good omen to have present, promoting strength, energy and remembering to trust your intuition. The perfect combination of energy to bring on a travel trip and beyond of course. This is a little sneak peek into my trip to Sayulita, stay tuned for the video and my favorite places to shop and eat, coming soon!

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