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Wednesday 16 December



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Photos by Allison Kuhl

Airplanes, Automobiles and trains! I made it to Switzerland, so happy to be here. Its basically a day of travel craziness to get here! Getting ready for the airport, wearing 3 coats cause they dont all fit in your suite case, so you are always to hot, you know the drill. Then dealing with 10 hours of recycled air in an airplane, which is suppose to be a cozy rejuvenating time in bed but its the opposite. Then it quickly because light out and you finally make it back onto the ground which is followed by sweating while running to catch your connecting flight and then your internal clock says it is morning but you havent slept and then, you have to look fresh because you are greeting friends and family you havent seen in a year on the other end. LOL the struggle is real. Ok, enough complaining, the travel day sucks, and it really takes a toll on your skin and body. So based on a lot of traveling experience I have learnt a few beauty hacks that actually make you feel and look better at least in the moment.

  1. Before you board the long flight to the other side, take OFF your make up, this no rinse, Embryolisse remover
    is perfect for travel.
  2. In the air, moisturize. Use lip balm to keep your lips moisturized and tinted with this benefit lip balm you just instantly feel more hydrated if your lips are not dry.
  3. Before you land use something nourishing under the eyes and brightening for your face like this One Love Organics morning serum.
  4. Before boarding your second and final flight, wash your face and use a toner to prep your face for the next day even without sleep.
  5. Before you land, moisturize one more time cover up those dark circles and red spots with benefits erase paste, and finally you can reapply some make up, keep it light cause your skin has gone through a lot, just like your body. So maybe just apply some mineral powder, highlighter and blush and a little benefit mascara.
  6. Dont forget your hair, hopefully you have had it in a top knot for travel day, now take it down and use some davines oil in the ends to freshen it up and give it a nice fresh scent.
  7. Roll on some Kate Spade perfume.
  8. The next day take 10 min to do a refreshing moisturizing face mask.

The only way to take all of these products with you on your travel day is if you use sample versions of your favorite beauty products. This is where your Birchbox subscription comes into play. Subscribe now and forever be prepared for Travel, but just for beauty obviously cause who can ever be prepared.

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