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Monday 04 January


Aprés Ski

Sharing the love for Aprés Ski at one of the sweetest resorts in the Swiss Alps, Flims/Laax/Falera.

Indy BarFreepeopleBLDG 25

Freepeople Hendly, Scarf, Jeans 

Aprés Ski Winter Freepeople

Freepeople: Sweater, Beanie

Rocks Resport LAAX Rocks Resport LAAX

Freepeople: Sweater, Gloves, Overalls

Freepeople Freepeople BLDG 25 Rocks Resport Rocks Lounge LAAX

Freepeople: Sweater

Photos by Aaron Schwartz

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This time of year I always pack up my things and head to the Swiss Alps, where I grew up. I feel so fortunate to get to escape the busy city life and disappear into the Swiss mountain villages for a few weeks. So excited to share one of my favorite traditions with you all. I teamed up with my favorite Free People and the BLDG25 blog to share the Aprés Ski life with you guys. Ever since I can remember the after ski ritual is warming your hands over a fire with hot cacao or tea in a cozy corner at a restaurant at the bottom of the mountain. The après ski is just as satisfying as a day on the slopes being sporty. After a day of mountain air and an evening next to the warmth of a fire place or enjoying some local drinks and live music you will have experienced the true swiss ski day tradition. The Swiss ski resort in LAAX called the Rock Resort, does après ski like no other. At the bottom of the mountain you unclick from your skis or unbuckle your snowboard right in front of an array of perfectly cozy restaurants and bars. It is always bustling with people at the end of the day no matter what the weather or snow conditions are. Rosy cheeks from the chilly air and steaming hot drinks fill the atmosphere around the little rock town. I have two favorite spots that I am excited to highlight, the Indy Bar. This is the spot, where your hot cacao can be spiked with baileys or you can order the local favorite the “Cafi Lutz”, which is coffee with plum liqueur that truly warms you up from the inside out. The music sets the tone of the bar and usually the tunes are sing alongs that fill your heart with nostalgia. The dress code is mountain gear and there are gloves, beanies and jackets piled onto each table. Stay until bedtime, in which case you have then successfully completed an entire day on the mountain and can crawl straight into bed if you are lucky you are staying right in the rock resort, repeat tomorrow! There are also the more family friendly lounges like the brand new Rocks Loungehere you can cozy up on the sofas outside by the fire place or inside on the comfy sofas, which have proven hard to resist when it comes to nap time. Wind down with some wine and a local mountain cheese and meat plate. If you are still feeling hungry there is always the traditional après ski meal, the “Gaersta Suppa” a barley soup, which basically warms your heart, tummy and toes after tackling the cold and snow all day. As it gets dark it starts to get a little more quite in the main square, meaning, either people have headed home to their chalets straight to bed, or just simply to change out of snow gear and into your party attire. No need to leave the Rock Resort as it is equipped with traditional Swiss restaurants for dinner or, another visit to the Indy bar for drinks. If you are still in the party mood there is one spot that everyone funnels into for some late night fun, it welcomes tourists and locals and is always a fun time, it is called the Riders Palace! Basically, the Rock Resort is a one-stop shop for the perfect Ski & Snowboard getaway for family, friends, and snow fanatics. Or even just for the après ski goers it’s basically my favorite spot to come and visit while I am in town and especially if you want to indulge in the real Swiss winter tradition.



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