6 post beach vacation beauty tips

Saturday 20 February


Beauty Tips

5 post beach vacation beauty tips to make that getaway glow last.

Lush Cosmetics

American Cream by LUSH

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H’Suan Wen Hua Hair by LUSH

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Honey Trap lip balm by LUSH

Beauty Tips

Ocean Salt Scrub by LUSH

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R&B Moisturizer by LUSH

Besides beautiful memories of palm trees and sandy toes another little bit of tropical paradise we get to bring back to our every day life is, perfectly sun kissed skin. If you are anything like me you like to prolong that sun kissed look and keep your skin looking healthy and glowing for as long as possible. Ever since I got back from the Cayman Islands, I have been obsessively taking care of my skin making sure it stays moisturized and glowing in the reality of dry winter weather. So I wanted to share my tips with you guys and also take this time to share my love for Vancouver based LUSH Cosmetics. I have been using their products for a while now and honestly swear by them. I love that it is all organic, I mean I basically want to eat most of the products cause they smell so delicious. Its not just your skin that needs some extra love post beach vacation, your hair has also been through a lot, the sun, the salt water, its a lot to take so my tips. Moisturize with your favorite products at least 3 times as much as in your usual beauty routine.

6 post vacation beauty tips to making your getaway glow last longer.

  1. Moisturize morning, mid day and before bed with a deeply moisturizing lotion like: Sympathy for the Skin by LUSH

2. Condition with love, my hair gets pretty dry especially from salt water, hydrate with: American Cream by LUSH

3. Keep your lightened locks healthy with this nourishing pre wash hair mask I keep it in over night before wash day: H’Suan Wen Hua Hair by LUSH

4. Keep your lips tasting sweet and hydrated with: Honey Trap lip balm by LUSH

5. Gentle exfoliation to keep the glow, do not worry, your tan will not rub off, with: Ocean Salt Scrub by LUSH

6. Post wash feed your hair with a nourishing anti frizz moisturizing treatment: R&B Moisturizer by LUSH

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