5 Star Moments from the Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Friday 11 March


Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Five, 5 star moments from our stay at the swiss luxury escape, the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa.

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Photos by Aaron Schwartz

I can not believe how fast time flies. My trip to Switzerland feels so far away but I am beyond excited to finally share our experience from our weekend at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel (Visit the hotel) in Arosa, Switzerland. This hotel may be most well known for its stunningly designed Spa with the lit up windows at night. My brother and I took our Mom to stay here on a surprise getaway for her 60th (I am aloud to say that) birthday. Living in Switzerland, this Hotel is well known by most, for its outstanding service and even more breath taking location, situated basically right on the side of the mountain perched over the alpine town Arosa, with a world renown spa that was designed by the award winning architect, Maria Botta. We were welcomed by the entire team so warmly that my Mom burst out in tears! So cute! The hotel offers an incredible air of luxury the moment you step inside, but is also such a cozy place that instantly feels like a ski vacation you will never forget from the moment you arrive. That is exactly what happened to us. We arrived on a heavy snow day so it instantly felt like a fairy tail winter escape. Spending the first day relaxing in our room which had a floor to ceiling view of  mountains. We relaxed in the bar and lounge area again created with fire places and big comfy couches to keep you feeling like you are in the mountains but of course with 5 star service and the most delicious treats, cause lets face it get aways are for eating and drinking. Heading onto the slops, no problem, even the ski room is packed with luxury, there are lockers equipped with glove warmers and a wonderful heated floor for when your toes are frozen after a long day on the hill. Needless to say your stuff is stored neatly and is guaranteed to be warm and cozy the next morning and lets not forget the private roller coaster grade gondola that only hotel guests can use to go up the hill and be dropped off right onto the slopes ready for your ultimate ski day.

5 Luxurious moments to enjoy at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel

1. Enjoy the incredible brunch spread in the beautiful Grand Restaurant

2. The “Tschuggen Bergoase” Spa is an absolute must. Schedule at least 3 hours to spend in the pools, steam rooms and incredible saunas

3. Plan for a fondue dinner in the igloo village. Yes eat melted cheese surrounded by ice!

4. Use the private, roller coaster grade, gondola that takes hotel guests straight up the mountain from the hotel to the in pure luxurious style. Grab one of the hotel toboggans, sled down after a hot tea with schnapps at the top. Luxury in the snow.

5. Have dinner at The Basement. The cool swiss style restaurant inside the hotel that offers a relaxed vibe along with an attached bowling lane for post or pre dinner fun.

When it comes to dining there are no short comings in the city Arosa itself, or if you are like me and never ever feel like leaving a perfect hotel for the course of your stay you have so many options here. My suggestion, is to experience the Igloo village. They offer the full Igloo eating experience with warm blankets to keep you cozy  so dress warm no gloves needed as you will be eating fondue which does warm your belly from inside out. But the experience is literally to cool to pass on. The Basement is my other favorite spot, The decor is traditionally swiss with the stacked logs and the cozy dark corners for just the right ambiance and their speciality is a fondue burger if that wasn’t enough, there is an attached bowling lane just to add something different to your dining experience. The experience at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel (Visit the Hotel), was unforgettable. I was blown away with how at home we all felt immediately and also how incredibly elevated the service was there.

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