Dont forget to breathe | Philosophy

Wednesday 06 April



Dont forget to breathe, Philosophy has our skin covered with an influx of oxygen.

Take a deep breath Philosophy Skin Care Skin Care Philosophy Skin #dontforgettobreathe


Oil free oxygenating gel cream by Philosophy

Photos by Allison Kuhl

Oxygen is what keeps everything alive. It is the single most important thing we all need to survive. Think about how you feel after taking three deep breathes. It changes the way you feel, air in your lungs de-stresses you when you feel stressed, it takes away anxiety when you feel anxious. It makes you feel a sense of freedom and releases any tension that you are carrying in you or on your shoulders. Excited to share my deep breath moments with you guys. (As I take a deep breath to make me feel less frazzled.) Ah, better! My moment that has become a ritual to take three deep breathes is before bed. As you know I am such an aromatherapy girl so I roll on my Vitruvi sleep essential oil into my palms and wrists and breath in deeply 3 times, each breath releasing tension, stress and thoughts from the day. It clears my mind and makes me reset my body for bed time. Another, a moment in the day that I have come to focus on breathing is during my work out at Barre class. It amazes me what my body can accomplish if I just breath into each move deeply I can push it that much further with just some extra oxygen flowing through my muscles and lungs. So based on that, just think about what oxygen can do for our largest organ our skin! I am so excited to be using the newest Philosophy gel cream product that features an exclusive clean-air technology that acts as a delivery system for oxygen to the skin, leaving your beautiful skin energized and radiant looking. It only makes sense! Oxygen reenergizes everything, its like magic.

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