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Monday 11 April


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Sharing a few simple steps to festival hair with TRESemme.

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Get TRESemme beautiful volume with the new Reverse System, condition first, shampoo second.

Photos by Allison Kuhl

It is festival season and Beauty-Full hair comes with the territory of accomplishing the perfect festival ready look. My go to for festivals are braids, flowers and voluminous undone waves. I achieved this perfect look by using the new TRESemme reverse wash system. Condition first shampoo second, is the key to my beach hair volume! Here are a few simple steps to help create your new favorite festival look. It all starts with the wash! By using the condition first and shampoo second hair revolution by TRESemme. Next, I added the touchable bounce mouse to my damp hair, which will later help my waves stay in place and give them a silky smooth touch. Then we style! I use my fingers to blow dry my hair dry and then I straighten the ends with a straightener and then curl the middle sections using the beachwaver curling iron it always helps me achieve the perfect waves! Then I use the TRESemme hair spray to keep that full volume and to create texture finishing the heat style by applying the volume and softness hair maximizer to the ends for the beachy hair look. For festival season I always embrace my inner flower child, so when it comes to hair styling that means flowers and braids. This braid is so easy! Here is how you get the braid. Part your hair down the middle, take two pieces from the front and pull into a loose half up ponytail. Loop the pony through itself creating the top detail. Separate the pony into two separate sections and dutch braid each creating two separate braids within your half up pony. Important tip, after braiding, pull the braids apart creating the undone look. And then for the final touch to the look, I picked some daisies and just added them to each braid creating the perfect festival braid down to the flower child details. Any hair look starts from the beginning! The wash. TRESemme beautiful volume reverse system is the key for touchable soft Beauty-Full waves with the perfect amount of volume. This summer try this new hair revolution that is the reverse of what your usual wash has been so far. Switching things up a bit is a great way to breath new life into your hair. So Condition first, wash second. The rest is all about exploring the possibilities of styling, braids, flowers and waves.

“This post was sponsored by TRESemme but my thoughts and opinions are my own”

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