Golden Hour | Gentlefawn

Monday 13 June


Golden Hour

A golden hour we will never forget, from the most breath taking private pool in Costa Rica.

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My dress by Gentlefawn, Dylana’s top by Gentlefawn, Natalie’s dress by Gentlefawn

Captured at Four Seasons Costa Rica

Much love to Natalie (Natalie off Duty) and Dylana Suarez and Mike who all contributed to this unforgettable moment.

Nothing beats golden hour in a tropical place. Its so magical seeing the sun set over the ocean and light up everything it touches just before disappearing in a shimmer of gold. This sunset was unforgettable, we all got to watch the last rays touch the ocean and beaches of the Four Seasons from one of their private villas complete with a perfect infinity pool. More to come when we launch the video! Together with the girls the light, the air our surroundings we all felt like there was something special about that moment, I made a tiny little wish while looking out onto the sea, feeling pretty grateful about life in general and friends and making memories, I just wished not to forget the feelings I was feeling that very second. Anyway, enough sentiments. Obviously, we were all well equipped when it came to beach sunset dresses, this Gentlefawn dress is a staple for my summer wardrobe. Simple, but cute and sexy and a million ways to style it. I am in love. Happy Monday beauties. Less Monday more Summer, right!

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