Pout, Wink and Blush | BITE beauty

Friday 19 August


ALMOND Multistick

The ultimate summer beauty product takes care of your pout, wink and blush.

Introducing BITE Beauty the multistick available at Sephora.

BITE Beauty

I am wearing BITE beauty BISCOTTI


I am wearing ALMOND on eyes and lips


Wearing BISCOTTI on lips and cheaks

BITE Multi-Stick BITE Beauty Sephora

Wearing BISCOTTI on Lips and Cheeks

BITE Beauty

Wearing Mascarpone on Lips and Cheeks

Photos by Dylana Suarez

Lipstick everyday! So not me, more out of lazyness then not wanting to enhance my pout! haha. But BITE beauty, changed the beauty game for me. Now I do not leave the house with a little something on my lips. Since I discovered this multi-stick I have been wearing all my favorite colors on repeat. A bit on the lips, a swipe across the eyes and a dab on the cheeks and you are ready for a day in the life of whatever you are. It is the perfect product for a put together beauty look that is easy to achieve and also lasts! It is perfect for traveling, for festivals and other adventures as it kills 3 birds with one stone. Pout, Wink, Blush! Done! All of the BITE beauty multi sticks are now newly available at Sephora! My favorites are Mascarpone and Almond. But the rest are all just as amazing. My search for the easy beauty look is finally complete.


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