Dove Hair Challenge

Tuesday 27 December



DOVE asked me to take on their #SkipAWash hair challenge and test out their newest product the dry shampoo.

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Dove #SkipAWashChallenge

Photos by Aaron Schwartz

Hair wash day! Why does that sound like such a chore. What if there was something that prolonged it at least a day? I found the answer and it is the new DOVE dry shampoo! It has a refreshing scent to it and still keeps your hair looking and feeling fresh, soft and in tact for one or two more days! I partnered up with DOVE for the Dove Hair #SkipAWash Challenge which I gladly took on as, who as time to wash your hair during this busy holiday season anyway. So my secret weapon is on day 3 instead of washing spray a little dry shampoo from underneath while you tousle your hair. Use your finger tips on your head to mess up your hair a bit to give you the messy beachy look again before even washing it. It will look bomb! Trust me. And then for those extra busy weeks, like this one, the next day, just add a pony tail and or a hat! Now take those extra hours you gained in your week thanks to a few sprays of dry shampoo and do something amazing! Buy yourself a little gift or go for a hot coco with your bestie.


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