Instagram famous: Äscher Guest House

Friday 20 January


View from Ebenalp

Instagrams famous Äscher Guest house is deemed to be Switzerland’s most photogenic location.

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Jacket by Aritzia (Similar here), Jeans by Levis, Boots by Timberland, Backpack by Herschel

The only reason I even discovered this gem was through instagram. I had seen it multiple times on peoples feeds and swore next time I would travel home, to Switzerland I had to pay this place a visit. It is just as magical as in the pictures! The Äscher Guest house is a charming lodge that is a restaurant and a hotel built into the side of the mountain in the kanton of Appenzell in Switzerland. There is more than just the Guest house that can be visited on this day trip! The actual walk from the top of the gondola or the bottom is absolutely stunning and also leads along a small path that trails along the mountain side, past a little chapel and through caves where the restaurant actually stores their potatos to make their famous Rösti.

5 tips for your day trip to the Äscher Guest House

1. Plan an entire day

2. Walk from the bottom of the gondola to the guest house and take the gondola down, it is about an hour and a half hike

3. Leave enough time to go to Seealp See (we didn’t hence the missing photos)

4. Eat the Rösti at Äscher

5. To get the shot of the guest house wait until sunset when all the people leave from the patio.

Sunset is obviously always a key moment for pictures. We stayed up there until the last gondola went down to take in the cotton candy skies and views from Eben Alp. We hit the perfect evening since there was also a fog invert so it felt like we were flying above the clouds of the pretty swiss valleys. So if you were wondering were on earth this cabin was that you keep seeing on instagram feeds and pinterest, I have now officially revealed its location, have it on your must visit list for your trip to Switzerland.


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