Discover my Winter Skin Beauty routine

Thursday 05 January



Winter Skin Beauty Routine

Thanks to my travels I discovered the importance of a Winter Skin beauty routine, now that it is perfected I am excited to it with you.

Origins Serum available at Sephora Winter Skin beauty routine with origin Winter Skin routine by Kiara Winter beauty routine Origins Skin care beauty routine

Origins: Mega Bright Skin cleanser, Renewal Serum, GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream,

Harmony Oil, Drink Up Overnight Mask plus AESOP Parsely Seed Serum

Photos by Allison Kuhl

Having a winter skin savior is absolutely necessary. I always thought a beauty routine could never be dependent on the seasons, why would it have to be technically to anyone beauty and weather are not really part of the same thought process. Until you realize that is 100% not the case and the one has everything to do with the other. I discovered the importance of adjusting my beauty routine to my weather and seasonal location this past year when I traveled from the Caribbean to Iceland with the same beauty products. What worked in hot humidity did not in the cold temperatures of Iceland. Enter my new Winter skin savior routine.

After doing a bit of research on what type of products to use to help combat dry winter skin, the savior became,Origins skincare combined with AESOPs Parsely Seed Serum and as a secret weapon, I use the traveling sized clarisonic to keep my skin looking bright and dewy even without the help of humidity.

The key to this product compilation I have gathered is the Drink Up Overnight Mask, I wake up with my skin feeling refreshed and luminous and the key to this product is that it also prevents future moisture loss. The ingredients mimic a perfect blend for over night hydration with a aromatherapy scent that relaxes the senses perfect for bed time, you all know how much I love aromatherapy right. Hence the reason why this product will never leave my winter skin routine again.


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