The new way to wear Slip dresses

Thursday 09 February


Urban Outfitters Slipdresses

The new way to wear slip dresses, layer them the 90s way.

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Top 5 Slip Dresses

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Slip Dresses and how to wear them

Slip dress from Urban Outfitters, Beanie from UO, Coat from Aritzia, Sunglasses from Eye buy direct

There is a new way to wear slip dresses, oh wait no, its from the 90’s. I just saw Rachel from Friends rock this combo like nobodies business. The rule is when Rachel rocks it you can too and yes I watch Friends on the regular it is one of my 5 shows I like to watch as background noise. Its weirdly comforting, anyone else do this too and what are your favorite TV shows for comfort?

OK, back to Fashion, the combination goes something like this, take your favorite slip dress and layer either a basic tshirt or a long sleeve underneath. Depending on where you live the next layer is a jacket. Or a coat. This look is perfect for strutting your style in the streets in NYC during fashion week. Fashion week in February is all about your layering skills cause it does actually take a special sort of talent to look cute in below freezing weather.

This is a perfect look for Fashion week but also, its Valentines day! If you are stumped on what to wear for the big date day a slip dress with the appropriate layers is the perfect go to. Elegant, chic, sexy and cute! All the words you need to impress your guy wether it is the first date or if you are lucky enough the 300th date.


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