On beach time with Cluse in Tulum

Sunday 05 March


Tulum Beach Time

Tulum Beach time it is. Sharing my top three beaches we spent some epic time on while in the riviera.



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My top three favorite CLUSE watches. 

La Roche Petite Rose Gold

La Vedette Gold Black Mini 

La Bohème Rose Gold 

Our trip to Tulum and working with CLUSE got me thinking about Time and how powerful it is. Thinking of a vacation and seeing your friends, so much pre excitement each minute that gets closer to reuniting in a tropical destination all comes down to the concept of time. And then after laughs, adventures, memories made in a blink of an eye, it feels like it is all over and you arrive at home and relieve every second through photos and dreams and then the cycle starts over again. Excited for the next adventure. The common factor in every memory and for every human is time how we manage it and how we fill it and with substance is our own choice and that makes up life. Crazy right! All comes down to the seconds in every minute and hour. I could go on and on about this type of stuff!

My newest favorite way to keep track of moments is with CLUSE. This is one of my favorite things to share with you guys because watches are such a simple and completely necessary accessory so it may as well be the coolest brand one you can find out there.

The most valuable time is always spent at the beach so as a Travel Tip addition here are the top 3 beaches we visited in Tulum.

Top three beaches/ beach clubs:

1. Papaya Playa

2. The Beach Tulum

3. Azulik

For more on Tulum, make sure to check out my Tulum Travel Guide here. Let me know if you have any travel questions about the Riviera.

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