7 things to experience at the Fairmont Mayakoba

Thursday 30 March


7 things to experience while vacationing at the unforgettable Fairmont Mayakoba. Just a little list to make sure you get the most out of your stay.


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Location Fairmont Mayakoba, Mexico

The Fairmont Mayakoba has magic right from the first moment that you enter the Mayakoba area. If you are looking for that very special resort getaway this is your spot. It feels so private and secluded you could spend your entire day just on your own patio on the canals or venture around the sprawling properties. The entrance welcomes and the little golf carts that take you to your beautiful suites and rooms are always exciting. We stayed close to the beach in a room on the canals with a roof top pool and a view of the ocean! So spoilt. Hotels always amazing me the details and the design, I always wonder who came up with all the little features that make us feel so special and at home. The weather here was perfection just enough heat to keep you feeling like the tropics but not to hot to get a tan!

7 things to do at Fairmont Mayakoba

1. Go on the boat ride that takes you through their canal system and past underground Cenotes.

2. Schedule a chefs table dinner. We had dinner with the chef and he served us his favorite fresh fish and new thoughts on recipes.

3. Go on a trip to visit the Mayan Ruins

4. Watch the sun light up pink at sunset from the beach

5. Stay in the Beach Area Casita Suite

6. Enjoy a massage at their Spa and dive into their mineral pools on the roof of the Spa for ultimate relaxation

7. Paddle Board! Wait till their is no wind and enjoy a paddle board session, maybe even for sunset

I am obsessed with the Riviera Maya. I love the combination of the Caribbean sea and the Mexican culture. The food, the vibes and the white sandy beaches make for an incredible experience sure to go into your favorite memory books. The land surrounding the Mayakoba area is so special, the canals and the water, the birds and the eco system all very balanced I could have done that canal boat tour 3 more times just to make sure I caught every little part of each view along the way.

I am so excited to be heading back to this area next week! For another unforgettable experience exploring the Yucatán Peninsula. For more hotel reviews and travel pieces always visit the Travel section of the site.

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