My tropical Hair care routine with Kérastase

Wednesday 01 March


All about how to I finally achieved the perfect beach hair while on a tropical vacation. My hair is naturally frizzy and very dry so for those girls who can relate, here are my new found hair secrets, thanks to Kérastase.


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Shot on our beautiful tropical getaway to Tulum this month with my pretty friends Natalie, Dylana and Cara.

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Traveling to tropical destinations is clearly one of my favorite past times, photos on the beach, in the water really embracing that beach life is my absolute life line. However, my hair is basically untamable and holds me back from really letting myself be that free beach life soul. Newsflash, my hair does not dry naturally in perfect beach waves! It is SO frizzy and dries in weird curly ringlets. No not even the cute ones. I have been seeking the perfect hair care routine to battle humidity and salty air, goal achieved so listen up curly haired girls, this is my solution. Tried and tested.

This trip to Tulum I brought along an entire hair care routine by Kérastase that is specifically designed for really dry, damaged frizzy (or unruly) hair. The Discipline collection was my savior. The shampoo and conditioner was fully nourishing and kept my hair from freaking out as soon as it hit the humid air! But what really made the difference in as was a special shower addition  wasthe Discipline Maskeratine smooth-in-motion mask. I will never go on another trip without it, it’s built for frizz control and that it did. My naturally curly frizzy hair was tamed to waves and feeling a bit more soft than usual in the ocean wind and salty air. The next step, since we were on the go all day was a little secret weapon I now worship to give your hair a little extra love throughout the day I keep it in my purse! The Elixir Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Oil. It is magic, it adds softness, tames frizz and even smells amazing. For my hair this worked better than beach spray to achieve the perfect texture throughout the day. As soon as it became a bit frizzy and right before shooting photos I spritz this little product into my hair and scrunched it a bit and voila. The perfect beach hair was achieved!

As an additional little beach hair tip if you don’t have time to wash your hair every night, due to too much fun. Go to sleep with two braids! Wake up and spritz your licks locks with the Elixir Ultime Bi-Phase Oil Spray. Keeping your hair feeling soft and smooth is key in my normal day to day life but mastering the no frizz in humidity is my ultimate beauty challenge which is now overcome. Let me know if you have any other tricks up your sleeves girls. 

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