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Friday 10 March


Tulum Hotels

Everything you need to know about most talked about hotel I have ever stayed at.

Tulum Hotels, The Azulik.


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Discover The Azulik Hotel in Tulum, Mexico.

Finally sharing everything you need to know about the most talked/ blogged about hotel in Mexico. I have never been asked so many questions about one specific hotel. The Azulik Hotel, we went there because even we saw more breath taking photos staged by the perfect beaches and bright blue ocean with the iconic huts than we could handle. Enter trip to explore it ourselves. Every which way your eye takes you at this hotel is perfectly designed and captures the Eco Tulum vibe at its finest.

We stayed in the Sky Villa which is on the water and offers those perfect views of the villas along the beach. Our patio had a swing an out door bath two comfy tanning chairs and a round bed swing. Basically everything to make up the perfect instagram photo and or the most relaxing day overlooking the perfect views of the Caribbean ocean. The concept up of the entire hotel is private villas and they are built like tree houses through the property. The structure designed based on being environmentally friendly. There is no doubt the looks of this hotel attracts a certain crowd and is definitely inviting to influencers, couples and double date get aways.

6 things you need to know that photos dont tell you about the Azulik Tulum:

1. There is no electricity in the Villas besides 1 plug for your phone. So no phone to call front desk or room service. Room service is replaced by a message in a ball. Which is pretty cute and gives a different spin to ordering in.

2. The Azulik Beach is a nude beach, this may or may not be your thing.

3. The yoga studio is a must, however the free yoga experience wasnt the best, even though with a place like this you would expect more out of a practice especially with the set up. So I would recommend going to a yoga retreat there and not just counting on the free morning yoga if that is the experience you are looking for.

4. The food is not great, adventure outside of the hotel for food BUT order room service breakfast and eat on your patio at least once!

5. There is no WIFI in the rooms, totally fine but just be prepared.

6. There are only bathtubs in the rooms, no showers and the bathtubs are in the middle of the villas! So be prepared for intimacy which whoever you travel with!

So here are a few insider tips we found while we stayed there. I always love discovering and sharing things about hotels and travel with you guys that I didnt know before. Thinking about helping you make a travel decision or making your travel more comfortable because of tips makes me happy. So as always please let me know if there are every any questions or more details you would like to know about. For more on Tulum visit my Travel Guide.

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