Hotel Review: Breathless Riviera Cancun

Saturday 29 April


Highlighting 8 things to do at the amazing Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa in Mexico.

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Photos by Brit Gill

This resort actually does actually take your breath away! A beautiful brand new (8 month old) property on the perfect sandy beach on the Riviera Cancun has got to be on your next beach vacation getaway list. We went there on a girls getaway / soul baring friendship week and had one of the most memorable experiences ever. We mingled with the staff who was so, so nice we instantly felt at home and part of the party all at once and those feelings on a vacation are basically, goals. Lets dive into some of my favorite highlights from the Breathless Riviera Cancun Resport and Spa, shall we?

Let me just touch on food and all inclusive resorts really quickly. We had zero expectations when it came to a culinary experience on this trip, usually for us food is set at a high standard and in my experience resorts usually cant quite live up to them. We were wrong. This place has 10 opportunities for food and snacks plus one of them is a 24 hour buffet, which will actually blow your mind it is so cute and so delish. We frequented a late night visit there for french fries and burgers.  and also in room dining which has its entire own menu to choose from as well. A highlight was the Kibbeh restaurant, I could have eaten there over and over. It was on the more quite side of the resort which is a great highlight actually because there is always a pretty place to escape any loudness to.

8 things to do during your stay at Breathless Riviera Cancun

1. Order in from the 24 hour breakfast menu to your room

2. Request a room with a swim out pool, it is worth it

3. Go to the Spa, they have a beautiful steam room and facilities there, enjoy a massage to rejuvenate

4. Use Nexus Tours to take you on at least 1 day adventure, I would recommend Tulum and the Cenotes

5. Go watch the shows at 10pm, get into it! It is a great way to have some fun.

6. Play volley ball with the staff on the beach

7. Dont miss the champaign party, even if it is just to lookey loo, its fun

8. Wink Cocktail bar is the center of all night time activities

There are endless things to do at this resort you will never run out of any opportunities to be entertained or even to just be. The best part it is all included in your trip, paddle boarding, kayaking, volley ball, party and even all the top of the line spirits! And to top it all off twice a week the hotel throws a epic pool/ foam party over looking the ocean, with DJs so you can just pool dance the afternoon away in the most amazing setting of all time. I got to operate the foam machine, if you were watching my stories, I was pretty stoked about that one. 🙂

This entire trip was made possible by Honestly my favorite company to travel with when it comes to beach side escapes, hope on the plane and stop thinking about anything because they got you covered on all fronts, a little side note I usually go for the Elite package just to make the airport experience that much sweeter, with no lines and a great spot on the plane. May as well go for gold right, it is your vacay after all. Until next time!

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