48 Hours in Ubud Bali

Thursday 04 May


48 hours in Bali

48 hours in Ubud, Bali is not enough but here is what we did, where we stayed and how we covered the most of this magical town. Over the next week I will be sharing our 7 day Bali trip that we did in collaboration with the Asia Collective so stay tuned for the full Bali series.


Ubud Travel Diary
Hotel Review
48 hours in Ubud
Bali Travel Series 48 Hours in Bali

The Bali series part 1 in collaboration with The Asia Collective

Photos by Brit Gill

Bali stole my heart. That is the only fitting first sentence in this special Bali series I can think of. I am so excited to kick things off here all things Bali highlighting our first destination with a 48 hour run down on what we accomplished in to little time. Brit and I were in Bali for a total of 7 days in collaboration with The Asia Collective. The Asia collective is a millennial travel agent, you can book your vacations through them and they will set you up on a incredibly desirable and memorable vacation in any of their specialized destinations. I worked with them to create a sample of what one of their trips would look like for you.

First stop, Ubud, the town in the jungle the one with the Rice fields and all the Bali magic one could ask for. Where we stayed, Suarti Boutique Village a cute collection of very private bungalows, some with a private pool and a view over a rice field. Does not get more jungle than that, we felt the magic the moment we arrived. So exciting to curve through the busy streets filled with locals, vespas, cars way to big for the little streets but it somehow all works in unison, no rules equals everything flows in Bali.

48 hour itinerary for Ubud

1. Stay at Suarti Boutique Village

2. Dinner at SAGE a delicious vegetarian restaurant with all the cool vibes, try the coconut cake for desert it will leave you almost addicted.

3. Do early morning Yoga at Yoga Barn, we walked from our hotel, quickly realizing walking is not a thing in Bali, there are no side walks, so lesson 1 immediately rent a vespa to park at your hotel. Eat breakfast there after, its delicious and the people you can meet there are all interesting amazing humans.Do not drink Balinese coffee but everything else is delicious.

4. Treat yourself to a riverside massage at Five Elements. Followed by an early dinner at their gourmet vegetarian restaurant.

5. Enjoy the hotel and refresh in the pool

6. Dinner at Kayumanis. The tip for this restaurant would be to be there for sunset as the patio has a view of the river and mountains.

7. Have breakfast poolside in your villa!

8. Jump on your vespa and cruise through the town for coffee, disregard the fact that there is one weird Starbucks and hunt down those amazing local spots that there are so many of. We got to tag along with a local for a few hours and she took us to: Seniman Coffee. Where you can find the cool wall with the words: Everything happens to Everyone. Love it.

9. We rode out bikes to the local Rice field walk along the Tukad river. Driving the vespas through the town is such a cool elevating experience. It made my feel alive in so many ways and I had so many moments of gratitude winding through the unforgettable country side.

10. Next stop the rice terraces, a must see no matter what.

11. Late lunch at Bambu Indah, we didn’t stay at this eco hotel, but it sure is on my list to experience to the fullest one day. Have lunch there their fresh veggies come right out of their own garden in midst of the “hotel” which I think is probably better described as a collection of bamboo bungalows ready for you to experience the most amazing retreat of your life.

Needless to say Ubud was immediately one of my favorite places I have ever visited. I have not even mentioned the endless boutiques and markets that stand along side of the busy streets. This is where I got my favorite round straw purse from. The shopping is amazing find the right street and you could outfit your accessories closet and home in balinese items. Pure bliss.

Stay tuned for more from my 4 part Bali series, next up Seminyak.

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