5 Tips to a successful summer Road Trip

Friday 26 May


Summer Road trip

Follow these 5 Tips for a successful summer road trip, I hit the road with the new Ford Escape 2017.

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Road tripFord Canada

Summer road trip tips
Kiara of TobruckAve
Road trip tips

Road trip in collaboration with Ford Canada and the new Ford Escape 2017

Film and Production by TOPO Films Photos by Jordie Lepage

It is almost summer and that means it is Road trip season. Road trips are my favorite, I love making tire tracks on new roads and dirt paths to discover lakes that no one has seen before just to share my experiences with you guys. Last Fall I hit exactly those types of roads off the beaten path roads with the TOPO Film crew and we took on the Hurley Pass just past Pemberton in the Ford Escape, 2017. The perfect SUV for a Summer road trip this car has it all, it has the power of an SUV to take you up those dirt roads and into the wild safely, this car is your summer road trip utility. It is so good on gas and has a redesigned interior, obviously for me the USB port was a celebrated accessory. We left civilization for a full 48 hours and it was not even a thought on my mind that, that car wouldn’t get us back safe. OK now moving on from just your safe chariot on a road trip.

5 Tips on a successful Summer road trip

(As I am in midst of planning the next one, which is going to be a good one, stay tuned)

1. Create a playlist that you do not need connection to wifi for. Spotify has a great function if you are signed up for their premium package create your list and make sure it is downloaded to the app before you leave.

2. Bring a map, you never know, it might come in handy

3. Map out and highlight the locations you want to stop and explore, using the google maps save location function. If you feel like really exploring the off the road functions, you can use google satellite view to see if there is a real road that can take you to a hidden lake safely.

4. Make sure your gas tank is full, your oil is changed and your tires are safe to drive on, that might even mean letting out a bit of air if you are heading onto a dirt road for a while

5. Pack accordingly! Duh I over pack, for photos, but the outfits you do not see captured are rain boots, a big scarf and even a rain jacket. Check the weather before you pack it will save the day to have the right gear.

The most important thing to think about to have a successful road trip this summer is safety and that includes choosing the right vehicle. A close second is an epic sun roof because sometimes the view is better from above. I love adventuring and I choose Ford Canada time and time again to do so, remember last year I hit the road exploring BC in the newest Ford Focus. Ok, so where can we go next. Let me know if you have any road trip plans or further questions on how to enrich your adventure down the open road.

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