The ultimate 3 day Vancouver City Guide

Tuesday 06 June


CapBridge Vancouver

Excited to be sharing the ultimate 3 day Vancouver City guide. Where to eat, sleep and play in this beautiful city I call home.

Love you Vancouver, now world, come visit!


Vancouver City Guide

Capilano Suspension Bridge
Wildfox Tee
Nelson The Seagull The Good Spirit
The Good Spirit Vancouver
The Good Spirit
Vancouver City Guide
Tiffany Co Hardware
Fairmont Pacific Rim
Botanist Vancouver
Botanist Vancouver
Charlie and Lee
Botanist Vancouver

Thank you Vancouver Tourism for teaming up with us to create this amazing Vancouver city guide. 

Photos by Brit Gill

It is about time that we publish an extensive city guide on our own back yard! Welcome to Vancouver lovers. This is my home base, my place of birth and my roots. I am so proud to call Vancouver home and so excited to start sharing more about this ever growing and incredible city that is a must visit for basically anyone on the look out for a great getaway. Is it to much if I say that we have it all? Well here it is. Beach, City and Mountains no wonder it is the triangle to my happiness.


1. Capilano Suspension Bridge: Is an amazing spot to escape the city and get a feel of the north shore mountains.

2. Sewells Marina: Who would have known that just a short boat ride could take you into the HoweSound a collection of islands just outside the city and unveil a never ending ocean landscape full of dolphins, whales, seals and fresh air. This boat trip called Ocean Safari comes highly recommended by us. We had a blast and it was so nie to explore from the aquatic side of things. 

3. Stanley Park: Rent bikes and ride around our very own island within the city to get 360 degree view of what Vancouver is all about.


1. The Fairmont Pacific Rim offers a luxury stay with central access to the cities hot spots and a busteling vibe within the hotel. itself that we have never experienced before.


1. Revolver Coffee: is situated right in midst of GasTown within a trendy area of boutiques and tourist attractions.

2. Buro: A perfect place for a lunch meeting or a little coffee date


1. Jam Cafe: Do not be deterred by the line outside. Take a deep breath and mentally prepare for the best brunch you have ever had.

2. Nelson the Seagul: Actually the best Avocado Toast on home made bread you can even imagine and the space is cooler than most bakeries/cafes

3. The Birds and the Beets: Way cute location in Gas town that also sells the most pretty flowers and a limited but perfected healthy menu to kick off your day.

4. L’Abattoir: Not just a hot spot for dinner, but also for brunch. Best of both  worlds and an entirely different vibe at both times.


1. Nightingale: In the heart of the business district this restaurant is housed in one of my favorite buildings. So much character and charm and inside you feel transported to a cool Mid Town Manhatten hotspot especially over lunch.


1. Annalena: The place to go for the equivalent of boutique style designer comfort food. In a more intimate setting in an area called Kitsalano taste some of my favorite food in the city, must haves include, the entire Menu!

2. Botanist: The newcomer hot spot that is convenient situated in the Fairmont Pacific Rim has the city buzzing over perfect millennial design along with an emphasis on a Canadian inspired menu.


1. The good spirit: is where I go for all my spiritual guides, tarot readings and good vibes.

2. Charlie and Lee: My best friends store as well as my go to for local apothecary and classic finds.

3. Hey Jude: Vintage Heaven and the prettiest store

The neighborhoods I have briefly highlighted, that house with these amazing destinations include the Downtown Core, Gas Town and Kitsilano, as well as North Vancouver and Horseshoe Bay for those out door experiences. Vancouver is so rich with amazing place to eat, drink and discover I could go on and on and if you are interested I will explore and highlight more places from my home city that I can share in the near future. These places are highlights and totally accessible if you are in town for even only a 3 day stay. With all the visitors I have hosted here I feel pretty confident about the highlights of this city could put together an itinerary for any age/demographic or experience. So always feel free to reach out with any questions, email, comment or even a DM via instagram. If you dont already follow me on there make sure to do that! Like now. Also, feel free to shop my looks via Like to Know it, here.

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