A Sunday Adidas moment

Sunday 20 August


Adidas Moment

The circle of thoughts around a good Adidas moment on a Sunday and what an awesome active wear outfit can do for your day.


Necklaces by Lisbeth Jewelry, Sunglasses by Rayban, Bag from Charlie and Lee

Shop the new Adidas collection from Nordstrom

Photos by Brit Gill

Sundays are the day to rest, but does that mean to lie around the house or get ourside or do yoga? Sunday is to be comfortable to do exactly what you want without looking at time or anything that will make you feel like you are rushed. It is a reset day! Hence the clothing optional situation. If I get to choose on a Sunday I choose you, Adidas athleisure! Not only are these outfits comfortable, but somehow they make me feel active they make me feel adventurous, even if my only adventure is to walk outside and get groceries! Sometimes it is the thought that counts and if the thought leads you to an actual work out or an adventure then you know where it all started! That Adidas athleisure moment on a Sunday where all you wanted to do was go grocery shopping in a comfy outfit.

I find that, Nordstrom always has the best selection from athletic brands like this, they just get us! The people that dont work out ever single day but also might get that the cuter the work-out outfit options the higher the potential for being active!

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