3 Adidas stripes and a Feeling

Thursday 07 September


3 Adidas stripes and that feeling you get when you wear them. It made me feel empowered and free to move with nothing in my way.


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Photos by Brit Gill

What is it about wearing these 3 Adidas stripes that makes you feel a certain way? While shooting this look, I said to Brit, “Why do I suddenly feel so empowered just because I am wearing so many Adidas stripes? It makes me to feel like, I want to move without barriers!” Moving freely is such an amazing feeling. Ever dance in your apartment until your heart rate is way up and you have all those feel good endorphins running through you? Well somehow wearing this outfit makes that feeling that much better. So I have decided that even at home from now on I am going to rock a cozy at home look that makes me feel this way. Even if it is this sweater over and over again! I think the answer to the 3 Adidas stripes feel good vibes is that it gives us flash backs to high-school, when life seemed to be complicated but actually wasn’t and maybe also back to when it was easier to feel free and wild.

Thats what Adidas made me think of. At any given time wether it is a down day of feeling a little discouraged by life or a power day with high energy this outfit makes me feel a certain way that I want to keep feeling over and over again. Wondering what kind of outfits make you guys feel that. Think about it, recognize it and repeat, and if you are wondering what I am talking about, head to your local Nordstrom or go online and shop this look.

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