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Thursday 14 September


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Experience the most epic adventure of the season. We had a chance to set free on a campaign with GoRVing Canada called Bring Back Wildhood. We brought back all the feelings of nature, being connected and discovering the Canadian Rockies. Watch the video below for the full Wildhood go RVing experience.

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Watch the Video here and a special thanks to this creative team of humans for this unforgettable adventure follow them:

Filmer, Driver, Photographer, Fire Starter, RV Set up, Master Reverser, Scattergories Winner: Galen Lofsedt

Photographer, Driver, Candy Supplier, Tank Emptier, Playlist Enthusiast: Jamie Collins

Photographer, Coffee Maker, IG Stories Genius, Longtime Bestie, Chef, Scattergories Runner Up: Tiffany Collins

Watch the Wildhood Video.

Always say yes to adventure. The number one message I received during this trip earlier this summer as we were broadcasting it live across social media sounded something like this: “I have always dreamt of going on an RV trip how was it and would you recommend it? The answer is a united front from the entire team, yes! Do it!

Our trip began in Vancouver. We mapped out a loop that would take us past the most beautiful destinations in BC and into the Alberta Rocky Mountains. None of us had ever been on a trip that resembled driving a 32 foot trailer through mountain passes even though at first it took some getting use to it quickly became second nature to think big and explore on another level. We stocked our RV with comfy pillows and blankets for maximum coziness and endless snacks and food so we consistently were happy campers! We were so blown away by how much was already in the RV. Every necessity we didn’t think of our RV had it already in there. Like mosquito spay, buckets for doing dishes and cutting boards for cooking. Everything combined really added to the level of luxury a vehicle like this does provide, compared to camping in a tent! Yes, an RV is a far cry from sleeping in a tent, even though I love that as well! We had a queen sized very comfy bed in its own room. The dining area expanded from the side of the trailor and created an apartment worthy space for dance parties. Going to sleep and waking up knowing you are amongst trees and wilderness was my absolute favorite! Heart full at all times!

Some handy additions to bring into your RV for your trip:

1. Candles to make for those cozy moments inside and outside in the evenings

2. Your own duvets and pillows to make it feel like home

3. Beach Chairs to use to sit outside around the campfire (if there is no fire ban)

4. An Axe for chopping wood

5. Fairy Lights to set the mood outside or inside

The mood is set by nature, the surroundings, the weather, everything is uncontrollable so the ultimate experience lies within being spontaneous and adaptable to things you can not plan ahead for. Every time we stopped at a new campsite to set up our new spot we learnt something new about our vehicle, which we had to name Big Birtha as she became part of the adventure as a character in our story in so many ways.

Tips on booking Campsites for an RV trip

1. Always stay for 2 nights, set up and tear down takes a bit of time and it is much more relaxing and enjoyable to know you have 2 nights in one spot

2. Look for campsites with full hook ups if possible for at least the first 2 nights of your trip, to ease your way into mother nature

3. If it is first come first serve, try and be at the new campsite just after 11am (that is check out time) so that you do not end up in over flow camping.

4. Research campsites before your trip and know of at least 1 back up in each location so you do not end up at one that does not offer any privacy, pretty nature vibes or good views. (Aka this means avoid long term stay RV sites)

5. GoRVING Canada is a great source for campsites.

Where we stayed

1. Sicamous KOA Camping 

2. Kicking Horse

3. Tunnel Mountain Village

The Canadian Rockies loop is breathtaking, no wonder half of the world travels through there throughout the Summer months. To see mother nature almost as an amusement park. There is lots of space, it is the Rockies after all, so do not let tour buses cramp your vibe, enjoy the views for what they are and find your own off the beaten path spots that are just around the corner to the tourist pit stops.

Must see! Yes thats why they are the popular spots.

1. Emerald lake and the natural bridge

2. Moraine Lake and Lake Louis they can be explored on the same day

3. Johnston Creek Canyon just outside of Banff

4. Grassi Lakes, it is an easier walk to enter the trails from the top

5. Bridal Falls just outside of Hope

One of our favorite afternoons was actually when we decided to reverse Big Birtha into the king camping spot in the Kicking Horse River site. The accomplishment of getting it backed into a small-ish spot on a slope was one we actually celebrated with excitement, this is how Galen received his #NoReverse gold medal. We then ventured to Emerald lake and just missed the rain, which was then enjoyed from the inside of our RV with candles, tea and card games it just does not get any more cozy than that. Limited electricity (this was not a full hook up camp site) provided us with the opportunity to get back to the roots of life, conversations, connections, laughter and chill time. At night we tried ever so hard to stay awake long enough to catch the really starey skies, only somehow accomplishing that on the last night, the results are to be seen in the video (watch here).

When asked will there be more RV adventures, I sure hope so, it was an unforgettable experience, which opened up my heart to how deeply nature fills my soul and my being. It also aloud us all to connect with each other on another level which was almost like a team building exercise, trust, patients adaptability are all the things you practice with your fellow adventure buddies. As much as I want to say an all girls trip would be great, we were very happy that we had two incredible males there to help us through the heavy lifting a trip like this requires. Including protection from wildlife, wink wink. Next time I would go for longer maybe 10 days minimum and also I would always choose to go with a 5th wheeler! Having the truck available to explore without the RV offers an entire world of freedom, which is what we are going for here right? Big Birtha we love you!

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