Top 5, 70s style jeans for Fall

Thursday 21 September


70s style Jeans

5 of my favorite 70s style jeans from Urban Outfitters this Fall. If only my Mom kept her wardrobe from the 70s I could keep the nostalgia in the family. But for now these will do the trick.


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Amuse Society
Urban Outfitters JeansTop 5 70s style Jeans Urban Outfitters Jeans for Fall

Top by Amuse Society, Jeans from Urban Outfitters, Jewelry by Lisbeth Jewelry

Photos by Brit Gill

Knocking on Falls door means bringing out the jeans to start covering skin. I for one am excited for the season of layering and playing with textures. Sweaters and cozy cardigans, knits layered with plaid. It is all fair game in the name of staying warm and stylish all at the same time.

Urban Outfitters has my favorite selection of jeans this year. They are all under $100 so, insanely affordable and they have about every variation of this years top fashion trends you can imagine. My favorites are those vintage crops with the mom jean high rise along with these fun little ruffle flares. The 70’s have a strong presents even in jeans styles right now. So if you dont want to invest in the 70s with deep pockets these are your best choices.

I am still dancing on the edge of seasons so I will wear crop tops until I freeze. Crop tops and high wasted jeans even graced the runway of Tommy Hilfiger‘s show this week in London, I had the chance to see that show a few times in NYC and it was always my favorite maybe for the exact reason that Tommy carries such 90s nostalgia to me. One of my first designer brands that I day dreamed about. I never really dreamt about actually owning the clothes, just about the life the models seemed to lead, aka marketing always worked well on my young self.

Back to the 70’s and all those jeans that look really vintage and give you all the feels!

If only I got my Mom to keep her clothes from the 70s.  Would love to wear her jeans and her 70s originals. How do we decide what to keep for the next wave of fashion trends, for the next generation to pull out of trunk and wear with nostalgia. Ah fashion, it is like an ebb and flow of personal expressions and moods. Fashion goes so deep, which is part of the reason why I am forever connected with it.

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