Where to go to escape the Rain

Monday 13 November


Occasionally it is necessary to escape the rain and dive head first into the perfect wave on the most beautiful beach surrounded by the Four Seasons, Punta Mita resort.

Escape the Rain at the Four Seasons resort, Punta Mita

October 2017, Shot by Brit Gill

Where to go to escape the rain? The answer is The Four Seasons, Punta Mita resort. This was my second time staying at this beautiful beach sanctuary, and it was just as breath taking as the first time around. It is no surprise that most of their stays are return visits. The human service at this resort is above and beyond friendly, helpful and so accommodating. So if you want to getaway from those fall rain drops and be guaranteed the perfect escape no matter what, this is your spot. Disappearing into this resort will make you take your mind off of anything that has been clouding your life at home and rejuvenate your scenes so you are ready to welcome the holiday rush and stress with a perfectly balanced soul.

Here are a few moments that made a difference during our stay that if you get the chance you should take advantage of as well.

1. If there is a rain storm, watch it from the beach, as long as its safe, its invigorating

2. Eat by the bar at Aramara and enjoy live music while eating a mind blowing asian fusion dinner

3. Have the hot rock, it will be one of the best things you will eat

4. The Beach with the swings is where you will want to spend your time

5. Frolic in the waves, the beach that is private to this resort is one of my favorite

I love spending quality time really enjoying moments spent in a place that I know will fill me up with happiness. Last time I was there was more of a romantic getaway with my boyfriend at the time and this time it was the perfect setting for a girls getaway. The property offers anything you are looking for in a getaway. And as we observed it is also a perfect spot for families to enjoy sunshine, pool time beach time or even a float down the lazy river. If you want to escape there is of course Adult only zones as well.

They opened a newly renovated adult pool that has vibes that resemble Bali or even a touch of Morocco. The perfect place to retreat if you are looking for some quiet time with a margarita on a hammock by the pool. How perfect does that sound right now? Yes, the escape can be just a long weekend or a week, but an escape to the beach can mean so much more than just those few days. It will feel like you carry the sunshine back home with you after a stay at The Four Seasons, Punta Mita. In celebration of happiness treat yourself to sunshine.

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