Why “sweater weather” is a thing

Friday 10 November


Sweater Weather

When sweater weather becomes a thing, it means Fall has brought out the introvert in me and is letting me recharge and snuggle on my couch.


Sweater Weather by Kiara Schwatz Nordstrom Sweater Nordstrom Sweater worn by Kiara Urban Outfitters pants Sweater Weather Fall Sweater Weather BDG Jeans

Sweater from Nordstrom, Denim from Urban Outfitters

Photos by Allison Kuhl

I hate speaking about Fall as being grey, because I actually love the season. Nature actually shows us change right before our eyes the magic of what happens to sunsets, the leaves, the air! It is all such a reflection of how we can capitalize on all the energy we let out this summer when the vibes where high and the days where long. So when I talk and think about sweater weather and grey being cozy it is not a reflection of felling down but more a feeling of cozy comfort and getting a big cuddle by a chunky knit sweater.

I have rounded up a few of my favorite sweaters including this one I wore on the first day it felt appropriate to wear a sweater this season. Ruffles are a necessary detail this year. Adding an extra bit of vibes to just a simple sweater, kind of like the leaves turning their very own unique color. Adding details to your outfit that make you feel special, cozy and engulfed in the feeling of sweater weather.

So cozy up wrap yourself in a sweater and do not make any excuses for recharging on your couch with tea and a blanket.

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