Vintage Inspired and Vancouver made

Wednesday 13 December


Vintage inspired and Vancouver made. Realizing why I love these photos so much as I wrote this post. Read on for the story of alignment.

Matching Set by Harly Jae

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Shot at the One and Only by Brit Gill

So excited to share these images. Some of my favorites from Mexico from our stay at the One and Only this Fall. My favorite hotel I have ever stayed at made for the absolute perfect backdrop for just about any image. I will be sharing a more detailed experience at the One and Only soon so stay tuned for that. Ill share everything you need to do while there and how to easily fit it all in and come out the other end feeling like a queen!

But in this post I really want to highlight this outfit! The reason why this is my favorite outfit is not just because it is cute, the perfect color and fit and exactly the style that was missing in my vacation wardrobe, it is because it is made with love in Vancouver! I am more and more gravitating to wearing and using products that make me feel aligned with, good vibes. Harly Jae is a beautiful vintage inspired and ethically made in Vancouver brand. The brand represents a feminine energy that feels and look like it is curated with the heart in mind. The designer, Laïla has the most inspiring story in which after submerging herself in the Fashion industry quickly realized that the deep dark depths of the industry was nothing she felt like being part of and went on a different path. When one day everything changed and she was re-introduced to the more sustainable side of fashion, in which her own brand then was born.

I love her story, she discovered what she didnt want to be part of, let it go and probably at the right time in her life it came back to her in form of exactly what she needed to form her own brand that she could be proud of and happy with. I am pretty sure this is a direct relationship to alignment. There is nothing I love more then seeing and being part of spreading these types of stories. This is why I started TobruckAve in the first place, to spread stories that influence and that propel brands, people and stories all together. Even I am reconnecting with my story again as I feel like I lost the purpose a bit. Finding alignment feels good.

These are the reasons why these are my favorite images. Because, the story because the person, because inspiration and because supporting local and ethical brands makes me genuinely happy.

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