8 ways to elevate your experience at a Thermal Bath or Spa

Friday 26 January

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Sharing 8 ways to elevate your experience at a Thermal Bath or Spa. I put a few of my intuitive rituals to practice at the famous Vals Thermal baths in Graubünden at the unbelievable art and luxury 7132 Hotel.

The art and Luxury Hotel 7132 Vals.

What a treat to get to physically experience such a beautiful place on earth. Vals, a mountain town near where I grew up in Switzerland is a place surrounded by mountains where the road ends and nature feels huge. The drive through the deep valley of towering mountains actually gave me the feeling of being so alive on this planet. Amongst history and the future all in one moment. The mountains have been there for so long and they have no plan to disappear they are constant.  It was on the drive up I very clearly had the idea of how exactly to share this experience with you all. Lets be real a Spa and Thermal experience is all about your own attitude of what you make it. Especially a Thermal bath, it could look like a fancy indoor/outdoor pool, to just swim in but if you dive into the experience a bit more you can get in touch with all kinds of wellness lessons. So I am about to tell you how to get the most out of your visit to a place like.

We are making this a, self love and discovery experience. Because when you travel to the end of a road and end up at a beautiful place like this you should know exactly how to access your inner peace with what you have surrounding you. The 7132 Hotel is an artistic luxury retreat on an alpine stage, which makes it such a unique experience. You would think the modern and minimal vibes of the thermal spa must be something that was just recently created, but surprise this Thermal bath was built 22 years ago. So progressive and timeless its so impressive and feeling the timeless feeling while there aka being in the moment is the first mindset to enter as you walk through the beautiful entrance of the Hotel.

Here are 8 things you can do to elevate your experience and get the most out of a 48 hour stay in a hotel spa and thermal bath like the 7132 Hotel. 

  1. Do things differently than you would at home. Mixing up your patterns to make something feel different shuffles your inner clock and inner workings and may unveil feelings and thoughts that were hiding under the confines of a daily routine. So wake up early, have coffee in your cozy hotel bed and then head straight into the baths. Because, well, this option is probably not available to you in your normal life. Really feel how this feels. Pure luxury! Be grateful.
  2. When you enter the Thermal Baths imagine being in a playground for mindful teachings. If there are comfortable chairs to lay on, wrap yourself in towels be cozy and warm and lay there, eyes open or closed but be there in the moment and vision that your surroundings in that moment are a gift. Aka Meditate.
  3. If there is an outside part of the pool, go outside. Float in the Thermal Water looking up at the sky. Realize that you are surrounded by 3 out of the 4 elements that make up this world. I would call this a mindful float.
  4. My favorite part of Thermal baths is the Hot/Cold plunge. To me it is a practice of patience and trust in your body. One may feel to hot to imagine submerging into, the other may feel to cold to bare. But if you take your time, breath and trust in your body this exercise becomes such a meaningful experience. Take your time, go one step at a time farther into the water and you will see it all becomes possible. Breathe through discomfort and celebrate the hot vs. cold tingles after by lying on the floor and just embracing what it feels  like to be alive.
  5. In this particular Thermal there was also a sound bath. A year ago I would have not really have known what to do with this experience other than listen to the sound of bells while laying there in silence. But here is what my instincts told me to do this time around. This sound bath was bells interpreting the sounds of rocks inside the mountains moving energy around! Ugh how cool! Listening to the sounds they immediately imitated a version of a massage! Some sounds felt like they were ringing out thoughts in my head others felt like they were moving energy in my heart and around my stomach. It was crazy. So just visualize the sound massage make the sounds go where they are meant to and pay attention to how they make you feel.
  6. When you are fresh back in your room, appreciate what you just gifted your mind and body, by drinking some tea curled up in bed or by tapping into some more mystic energy by pulling cards and burning sage. Every part of this is a small celebration.
  7. Go for a walk outside in nature. Now that you have played in the water element, go play outside be with the earth and the fresh air.
  8. Eat amazing fresh food during your stay, at a place like the 7132 Hotel you can trust that anything they offer is probably of the freshest and most nourishing nature.

Following these rituals will help you explore another level of your spa and thermal experience. Tried and tested on myself and my Mom who did all of these things for the first time! Her first response to the Hot/Cold plunge when we spoke about it was, “oh no, I can not do that, the heat gives me this feeling of anxiety”. My response to that, you can either limit yourself with that belief or you can right now learn how to trust your body and mind that everything is going to be OK. Guess what, she came into the hot pool with me, step by step taking our time to acclimatize and and feel and trust she did it! Limiting belief, good bye!

The lesson here. Is that this feeling applies to life. If something gives you anxiety or makes you nervous, take your time, breathe through it and celebrate your accomplishment. I hope this will deepen your personal experience next time you go to a spa and if you are ever in Switzerland make the 7132 Hotel and the Vals Thermal Baths a must stop on your travels through the Alps.

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