Rejuvenate mind, body and soul on a Yoga Retreat in Mexico

Friday 19 January

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Yoga Retreat Mexico

Rejuvenate your senses, both mind and body on a yoga retreat in Mexico, hosted and lead by Dr. Genieve Burley.

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Yoga retreat MexicoSacred Suntan Yoga Retreat

Sayulita Mexico
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Yoga Retreat
Sacred Suntan Yoga Retreat
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Yoga Retreat
Sacred Suntan
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Sacred Suntan April 12 – 17 2018

Photos by Brit Gill

Yoga! I cant even begin to explain how much this experienced impacted the way I feel about yoga. I never fully understood why everyone always was raving about yoga retreats, my thought, well I can do yoga at when I am home I dont need to go away and do it ever day, that seems like a bit much. How wrong I was, having a deep set yoga schedule every day created a stronger connection to it for me and made me realize that yoga is not just a work out but something that serves my mind and body. Pure rejuvenation.

I always knew that I loved yoga, my body loves it I always knew that it was good for me and that it served a purpose in my life. I never really listened to the part of why. Why do I feel so aligned and balanced after practice is it just because I needed a work out? The feeling of alignment usually comes from something bigger than just a work out it comes from connecting with your soul, your inner self, your body and mind. I picture this light string connecting all those dots and then beginning to shine when they all connect. This experience was brought to light through this Yoga retreat, that it came with a suntan and a beautiful view was an absolute bonus. Ever since this beautiful week in Mexico my connection to yoga has an entirely different meaning, I know now that not just my body needs a work out but this string of lights needs to get “lit” at least a few times a week and not because I am addicted to working out but because my soul needs the alignment.

It feels so empowering to know something so important about myself. I wish that for you, for everyone and any one that reads this. It might be yoga in which case you have landed in an aligned moment. Because Sacred Suntan returns this year at this sacred house with the same incredible Yoga guru Dr. Genieve Burley, she is incredibly knowledgable in yoga and body work so trusting her in guiding you to discover the real strength in your body is easy. She is a chiropractor and if you are lucky will treat you while on the retreat and literally make you float on air and be able to breathe again! This retreat is an absolute dream, the location could not be more perfect, a villa just outside of Puerto Vallarta offers the perfect pool for dips and reading, and the location also offers easy quick day trips to much renown Mexican destinations, Sayulita and Yelapa!

Honoring your body with mindful movement extends into what you put in your body as fuel as well. This retreat is not one that comes without a pool side margarita because, well balance right! But mindful eating is part of the full experience of honoring your body, health and wellbeing. Our week in Mexico came with a vegan menu created by Kate Horsman. This entire experience was about creating space in your life to realize what makes your body and mind feel good and to deepen your knowledge with your own self. It was as simple as having a consistent yoga and healthy eating schedule.

If you are craving some me time and some space with a beautiful amount of freedom along with a schedule that is available for you to use or not, aka you dot need to do anything but listen to yourself. This retreat is the perfect rejuvenation sanctuary for you. Here are all the details for the next one coming up in April.

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