A guide to Simplicity, use this as a meditation

Wednesday 28 February

Create Space

A guide to simplicity

I am so excited to use this space as a platform to be seen and heard. As my first contribution I am sharing a guide to simplicity today. Use this meditation to create space around your heart and flood your mind with the thought of being enough.

A quote from Liv

I am Liv and this is my story. 

A teacher of mine once said that often we need to experience and feel around the full circumference of our edges in order to find our centre. Over many years, I have often felt lost or adrift, going from what felt like extreme to extreme in life experiences, career ideas, personal interests, passions, and goals. I felt directionless, unreliable, lacking in focus. I’ve been a yoga teacher, a customer service provider, a farmer, an engineering-lab technician, and now am almost a fully qualified lawyer. I’ve lived in Europe, North America, Asia, and New Zealand. I’ve been vegan, vegetarian, and a ravenous meat eater. I’ve bought designer high heels, and manicured my nails, only to turn around the next day to well-worn denim and Blundstones. But I don’t think this tendency is unique to me – I think we often feel like we are “searching” for our true selves, trying on all kinds of experiences and believing that one day we will land in some place, in some outfit, with some haircut, and a certain career and “have arrived”. This pursuit is, I believe, often at the root of much of our unhappiness and dis-ease. How much better to arrive and embrace each phase, each choice – to not bind ourselves too closely to one way of being, but to be mutable, experiential, forgiving.  What I am learning is that what I believe now may change, and with time I expect it will; but I know I carry the seed of myself within, through all the changes, choices, and chances I take in this life. No matter how foreign the land or how strange my own desires and choices, I am never far from home

When I met Kiara, I was just beginning to shed many of the identities and beliefs I had held in place for years. We connected through our shared experiences of love, betrayal, freedom, and fear. I was lucky to meet her at a time when we both were being opened up to the endless possibilities out there for us, and I have been thrilled to witness with awe the courageous and focused way Kiara has pursued her creative vocation.  I am blessed for this opportunity to be seen and heard in a way I have not been before, and I am eternally grateful to Kiara for her desire and drive to share and connect people in a way that is beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting. 

Photos by Pete Longworth

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I  felt compelled to share my thoughts around the word “simplify” it is a word that in our busy life deserves a little more attention so that we can “create space” within and around us.


There is a drive in you, I know, to push until it hurts, to keep running in pursuit of all the promises you and others have made. You chase down your dreams like hunted rabbits and are confused when they refuse to come willingly into the open. Your way of knowing says that more is better, more will get you there. But your constant reaching, never-satisfied drive has obliterated any destination, for upon arrival, all you are greeted with is a false summit and another mountain yet to climb.

I know this is what you’ve learned – I do not blame you dear one – I know this is what you’ve been fed. Even in your quietest moments there is still more. Your self care looks like the set list for the perfectly curated intagram capture: a bath with candles, and wine, and a face mask, and just the right podcast, in the perfect white bathroom, with your toenails pedicured and your legs shaved and aren’t you yet exhausted. Aren’t you tired, dearest, of reaching. Of being the constant critic of each moment of your life.

So press pause. Create a little space around your heart for just a minute. Close your eyes and calm your breath. Feel the pulse beneath your skin, the air around you. Simplify your attention. You are here and that is already enough. For just a moment, dare to truly believe that your very presence is sufficient.

Everything else is just a flourish, an embellishment on an already whole being. If you believe me, even for a second, you know you have the freedom then to choose. To orient your inner, ancient compass towards that which feeds you, fills you, brings you joy, replenishes you. You may stop looking outside constantly for satisfaction and reward. Your inner wholeness – that single second of presence with your sweet, dear heart, reminds you – you already have all you need. There are no qualifications that can truly prove your worth, no activities that can make you more desirable, no great accomplishments that will finally gain you recognition. There are only choices, made for the true joy of living, generated from a drop of awareness, a simple moment of presence.

Yoga Ritual – all the simplest, sweetest moves

Baddha Konasana – Bound angle pose


Child’s pose

Kneeling side body stretch

Seated Twist

Seated forward fold



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