Introducing the Create Space contributor community

Tuesday 20 February

Create Space

Meet the contributors of the new “Create Space” community. I am so excited to introduce some incredible women to the site. I have never had contributors before and this feeling of hosting new energy is incredibly empowering.

TobruckAve – Create Space, is now home to this incredible group of inspiring humans who are pure substance beyond their Instagram and I am so excited to have the opportunity to set the stage for their voices.

My first memory of this beautiful girl was listening to her, sharing her thoughts after my very first group meditation, which was also at my first retreat, which was also my first meditation ever! Hearing her thoughts, that were so very connected to her soul made me feel instant spiritual “fomo”. She showed me how much magic can be attracted if you start exercising that muscle of connecting to your higher self. We got a few moments alone and exchanged stories on heartbreak and parallel experiences. It was immediate friendship that has lead to afternoons drinking tea, burning sage, reading tarot cards, walks on the beach and a brain-stroming trip to Tofino, which lead to this! Liv lead us through one of my all time favorite yoga sessions by the beach and a guided meditation by a campfire that now lives on my phone. I am so excited to have her part of this journey, stay tuned for mediations, beautiful thoughts that will rebalance your soul with a lot of self love and real life guidance.

With the rest of her time Liv is on a glorious road to changing the world through environmental law. TobruckAve will now host as a creative outlet for her. You are in for a treat. Connect with her: @livfrench

Tracy is one of my oldest friends in Vancouver. I have known and loved her for over a 10 years now. We grew from girls into women together; have cried over boys, friends, heart breaks and loss. Laughed over everything including ourselves. There is nobody I know that has such a warm embrace as she does. Tracy and I worked together straight out of college, in the Fashion wholesale industry! She embodies the most comforting type of friendship, the kind where you know that nothing will ever make it go away! She is like a sister to me, seeing her feels like home. Over the past 5 years I have had the pleasure of watching her become a Mom of 3 beautiful children! She is not the norm when it comes to balancing Mom life. I can only dream to vibe the way she does with her kids, with herself and her husband. While I was stumbling on spirituality this summer it sparked in her as well and yet again we found common ground for wine nights, because, balance.

Tracy is going to bring her journey and experiences to feeling good and creating space as a Mom of three to TobruckAve. Being a contributor to Create Space is bringing her time that is just for her and opening her mind to all kinds of spiritual steps she can even share with her littles as well as you. #MomLife. Follow her real life instagram @Tracyoung13

Confession, I have only met Adri twice. Our first interaction was at an event, aka nothing real, but I knew instantly that would not be our last encounter. After likes, comments and follows on instagram we managed to reconnect in person last week! Where she was doing a pop up tarot card reading along with her energy art! My interest peaked! As I am sure yours has now as well. So without even taking a breath I invited her to be part of the this contributor circle, purely because I want to hear everything this girl has to say. Adri’s energy is contagious and it almost feels like your own energy is circling in colors around you when in her presence. I am so excited to read about reiki, tarot cards, art and anything else she wishes to lead us through. TobruckAve is a stage for her to share beyond an already diverse job description she has created for herself. Follow her art and creativity around Vancouver and beyond @AdriCreative

Dylana Suarez

If you don’t already follow this gem on instagram then now is the time. Dylana Suarez is the only contributor that already holds space on the internet, where she shares her beautiful words, her style and her NYC trend setter life along with her sister and dear friend as well Natalie Suarez. I met Dylana what feels like in another life, but really we met 5 years ago on a blogger getaway with Quicksilver in Malibu! Dy is one of those people that you instantly feel connected to, because she glides through life fully knowing exactly who she is and what she stands for, its is magnetic. Dylana is such a strong Woman and I have looked up to her since before meeting her in person. Her creative writing on her blog and instagram are always pure and honest reflections of her heart and this is why I am so excited to have her part of this new tribe. I look to her to remind me of how beautiful individuality is and I cant wait for her to share some deeper insight into what rituals she uses to stay grounded and balanced in the busy mind and busy life of an NYC influencer of this caliber.

TobruckAve, Create Space is an additional outlet for Dylana, because sometimes having a different platform to express yourself through, sparks new inspiration and conversation with yourself. We will hear from her in a different way, on here I am so excited to see what this space holds for her and us. Follow her ever so creatively independent life on instagram @dylanasuarez


This group of girls inspires me on and offline, they all act as my teachers, my guides and my friends and it makes me so deeply happy to have created something that will help form a community. This past year I learnt that my soul loves community, a family unit a safe place to share and influence. This new community andd journey has sparked my own excitement about writing and reading my own blog again. Stay tuned for new stories every Wednesday from one of these beauties, surrounding creating space and feeling good in this life from their real journey to yours. 

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