A skin loving foundation that still radiates your inner glow

Friday 09 February


A skin loving foundation that still radiates your inner glow, Bobbi Brown sharing a few thoughts around how I achieved a glow that I thought was not ever achievable for me.


Top by Astr, Jeans by Redone, Shoes by Maje

Photography by Aaron Schwartz

For as long as I can remember, I have always struggled with my skin. The cycle of always wanting perfect skin almost created a block in me actually achieving a glow that I could feel confident about. I blocked myself to learn more about my skin and what I was putting on it telling myself that whatever I try wasn’t going to work anyway. Enter personal growth.

One day I let down my guard and set an intention to achieve skin that would radiate and that I could step outside without make up on. And now 6 months later I wear no make up to yoga and have actually been told twice that my skin looks super glowy by friends. This achievement is honestly the highest compliment to me. Even though it is not perfect I know change can occur and I actually achieved my intention already.

How did this happen? Well the synchronicity with self love is shocking. I went on the never journey of learning more about my body and myself. Learning about the skin being an organ and how to consciously feed my body and soul has all translated into this new glow.

So now I am very much selective in what I put on my face when I do apply make up. So it had to serve as an SPF because blocking from UV is an important self love step for your beauty routine. This Bobbi Brown foundation has SPF15 so it past that test and my second test was that after applying it it would still feel and look like I was wearing nothing. That was also a resounding yes. I have dwindled my make up and beauty routine to feel good products. This foundation made the cut. Its new and long lasting, shop now at Nordstrom.

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