Vancouver Weather has it all, always be prepared.

Monday 05 February


 When it rains in the city it snows on our mountains. Stock your wardrobe with the right footwear to experience the city to its highest potential.


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Vancouver is the perfect place to live for someone who feels at home in two worlds. This city has it all, the sky scrapper reflections in puddles as well as snowy mountain tops with cabins hidden in trees and pathways leading to fresh air and silence. This ultimate blend of urban and mountain reflections.

The key to living life to the fullest in this unpredictable city is to have the right gear to all outside activities, while also looking the part on each side of the spectrum. I love Teva for any type of adventure and lately adventures are what keep me inspired and ready to take on life. My goal is to connect with nature one way or the other a few times a week. It is my way of recharging and getting inspiration and this city offers me more than just one option for my soul food. Being prepared with the right kind of outer wear is key. Snow requires the right footwear and these boots have been loyal to me not slipping and falling in the trails while exploring Cypress Mountain. This beautiful snowy fairy tail is a short 15 minutes away from where I live in the middle of downtown Vancouver.

I stumbled upon a collection of cabins from the 70s amongst the trees and snowy trails on one of my nature walks this week. Its so refreshing to just disappear in the woods sometimes and let nature talk. Thanks to my newest hiking and snow ready Teva boots, I am always ready for a little adventure. These boots kept me warm, dry and on my feet.

Now back to the city life, comfort, function and style. Of course, I can not always take to the mountains, so when I need my quick fix of fresh air, the beach the ocean and even the energy of the city do the trick.  Stylish and functional is the trick, enter the soft moc Tevas, since it rains so much having an alternative to rubber boots sometimes feels a little more on trend. Also matching with my favorite cozy warm winter jacket that is perfect for the city and outdoors as well.

Functional but on trend pieces are what my wardrobe is morphing into lately. I dont know wether that is me just growing up or becoming more concious about what actually works in my day to day life. Either way, these pieces were the perfect addition to my already large Teva sandal collection.

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