Vitamin A puts a sexy spin on sustainability

Friday 30 March


This summers hottest swimwear line puts a new sexy spin on sustainability. Say hello to Vitamin A’s newest collection.


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Shot by Dylana Suarez at Aqua Wellness Resort in Nicaragua

Shop this Eco Luxe sustainable swimwear brand now! 

Searching for the perfect collection of bikinis to stock up on this Summer. Before you head anywhere hot, make sure you at least try on a Vitamin A bikini.

I dont know about you, but I always find it hard to find a bikini brand that fits with no fuss, every style with chic colors that can be worn by the pool in Vegas or on the beach in Nicaragua. Just by feeling it in your hands its an instant reveal that the fabrics are created with luxury in mind. And let me reveal the bonus, these swimmies are sustainably produced in California. Sustainability is sexy, Vitamin A has the environment in mind as well as your beach status! The eco luxe fabrics they use are made out of recycled Nylon! Brilliant. I could have not imaged a better selection of swim wear for our Nicaragua trip. Its one of those bikinis that you can actually wear all day in and out of the water without feeling uncomfortable, hey maybe thats because of the quality in fabrics.

Natalie and Dylana and I all have totally different bodies and every style fit us perfectly! Which is sometimes a puzzle to me, as they are a lot taller than I am, but yet the one piece works on us both!

Lets face it our beach time was mainly spent on our own private beach in the quaint bay that Aqua Wellness Resort is positioned in. The beach is private and offers a few options for water sports, we made use of paddle boards and boogie boards for playing in the waves and also working on our beach bods. The other half of the time was spent relaxing in hammocks and dancing with the waves on shore.

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