Rethinking your morning routine for the entire family.

Wednesday 28 March

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Morning Coffee and Lemon Water by Tracy Young

Rethinking your morning routine, Mama’s! If a mad dash to the door is an every day occurrence with whining kids and a wet top knot, then it is time to build a morning routine that will help you and your kids gain some balance. 

The alarm goes off and automatically you hit snooze…once twice and then the third time until you realize that now your late and will be rushing to get organized. Frantically getting dressed and then looking in the mirror and feeling like crap because you’re not sure what on earth you just put on. Then it’s a mad dash to get yourself and or your family up and out the door. If this is what your typical morning as a Mom looks like then its time to create a  morning routine. 

 As a parent, we know too well that trying to get your littles up, fed, dressed and out the door on time can end up in a complete mess. Having three kids under the age of 5 I have seen my fair share of meltdowns well before 8 am.  I have worked hard on creating a healthy morning routine that leaves my whole family full of excitement for the day rather than whining with frustration.  Below I’m sharing with you what our average morning looks like.


Get up on YOUR time my own morning routine

Just like kids, adults benefit from a regular routine too. Over the years I have learned that I’m in a way better frame of mind if I stick to my own morning rituals before the kids are awake, because once they are up its go go go question after question, and it doesn’t give me time to connect to my inner being. My husband is usually up and out the door by 545 so I usually try and get up then too. “Early bird gets the worm” right? 

First things first, Don’t grab your phone and open emails and Instagram. All that can wait.  Try to limit screen time as much as possible. I jump in the shower to wake myself up.  This is when I usually take the time to set intentions for the day. A few of my personal favorites are: Everything will work out for me. I’m ready to be compassionate, yet tough enough to stay true to the “rules”, I will remain calm enough to deal with each meltdown that comes my way,  I am guided by a greater power.  I will look with wonder in all areas of life. 

 Swapping the shower for an in bed meditation is always a great option too. I usually do this if something has been on my mind or bothering me. It’s so easy to put on tights and a tee every day when you are a stay at home mom (SAHM because well the reality is most of my days are spent on the floor with them or driving to and from, but on occasion I swap my tights and soaking wet top knot for a cute outfit and blown out hair. It may take a bit more time, but the effort is always sure to put a little extra pep in my step.

Once I’m ready my youngest is usually up.  I don’t mind this as it give us alone time and well, he doesn’t talk yet so its still really quiet and peaceful. Ha. We head to the kitchen and before anything I have a glass of water. I usually have a pitcher of Lemon water in the fridge as my kids love it as well. They think its “ fancy water”.  A great alternative to Lemon Water is Pure Rosewater. It has so many benefits such as balances your energy levels, helps to detoxify your body, improves your mood and freshens your breath just to name a few. You will need to buy Drinkable Bulgarian rosewater and dilute it in a pitcher of water. 

Now the Magic happens, Coffee! Mug in hand and I sit. I sit in Silence. I love to let the early morning sounds consume my thoughts. The summer is the best for this as I take my coffee right outside.  Sometimes I like to watch the news, but mostly this is where I find my phone and read The Daily Skimm App. LOVE this!  This app will fill you in on all the important News you need to know right in the palm of your hand, and all 10 minutes or less. By this point my kids are up and the hustle of the morning begins.  So do you have to wake at 545 am? No. What matters most is you give yourself time to be with your self and create a routine that will leave you with a focused mind and be feeling productive.

Get a head start the night before!

Morning brain, is that a thing? Well, I definitely know Baby brain is, so be sure to eliminate as much decision making the night before.  Preparing the night before is good for everyone but especially when you have tiny humans with big ideas and too many decisions. I actually have my son help pack his snack the night before. This way there is no “ What’s in my lunch bag, I don’t want that, I want this” happening in the am.  Both my son and daughter pick out their clothes and place them on their dressers at night.  I LOVE dressing up my kids, but this was becoming a reoccurring argument with my son as he always wanted something else to wear. I’ve realized I have to let them be individuals and allow them to make decisions on their own, and if it’s picking out their own clothes, then so be it.

Teaching your kids how to dress themselves will not only give you more time but will build their confidence and enhance a sense of achievement. My daughter has been dressing her self since she was 20 months and comes out every morning with a huge grin on her face. “ Look mummy, im ready”. 

To ensure children get a well-rested good nights sleep they usually follow a pre-bedtime routine. I highly suggest adults do this too. Pick out your clothes, Create a To-do list for tomorrow, go through your next days’ agenda, and then put your phone away and try and have 30-60 mins of Blackout time before you hit the hay. But we can revisit a night time routine in more detail another day.

Create a step by step morning routine for the kids

Every night before bed my son likes to know what tomorrow will bring.  I will run through the day with him and tell him everything I have planned. Him knowing the tomorrows plan makes him feel included rather than just told what to do and when to do it. He has often reminded me of things I may be forgetting. To avoid the mayhem between breakfast and the door I use a Melissa and Doug chore chart and if they follow through they will be rewarded at the end of the week. Let’s face it kids love a good “treat” to look forward to. 

We eat Breakfast as a family, and although it currently is not at all peaceful, I enjoy it and my wish is that one day they will too.

Breakfast, vitamins, get dressed, put dirty clothes in the laundry, wash face and brush teeth, hair done. Once this is done, I allow them to watch a show while I get organized and shoes and coats are ready to go. Oh and I always ask them to get their shoes on at least 15 minutes before we are about to head out the door, this way I don’t ever feel like I’m rushing them. 

My daughter once asked me “ why we have to hurry, where are we going? “  (ME: Hurry up Ivy lets go let go…come on, get in the truck) and it made me stop and think. Shoot we’re only going to the grocery store and I have nowhere else to be, guess we’re not in a rush after all. Lesson learned. My children are my greatest teachers. 

Let the weekends be carefree

One of the easiest ways to feel “carefree” is to make a conscious effort to appreciate each moment and focus on the good things that are happening. You have to choose to feel good no matter what anyone else is doing or saying. On the weekends my family likes to stay in our Pj’s as long as we like, watch tv in my bed, and slowly ease into the day.  No emails, no important phone calls, just you and your loved ones. Be sure to get out and do something FUN.  This is so easy to do once you allow yourself to just stop trying. Stop trying to fix things that are wrong, or trying to change someone or correct them. Just BE.  laugh lots and simply enjoy each other.  I feel as though through the week I am always telling my kids how its “gonna go down”, so on the weekends, we like to open up the planning to them. What do they want to do? Sometimes its just to build a fort or go get banana bread at a local coffee shop.  Do these things and make them feel like they have a say in the family activities.

Everyone can benefit from a morning routine. Not just parents.  It important to remember that what works for me, may not work for you. Take some time to think about what will benefit you or your family the most and start there.

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