Strap into Freedom and visit Nicaragua

Thursday 29 March


Strap into Freedom and book a flight to Nicaragua! So excited to share a special part of this world with you including a quick 5 step guide of how to strap into your freedom this summer.

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Shot during our stay at Aqua Wellness Resort in Nicaragua

Featuring Natalie Off Duty and Dylana Suarez

Another adventure is in the books. We reunited on our annual girls trip in Nicaragua this time and of course in tow the newest sandals by Teva. Truly the best footwear to pack for a beach side adventure. Dylana, Natalie and I have been to a few tropical destinations together, we love exploring and being casual, comfortable and stylish all in a days work. Wait, also, to emphasize I met Natalie and Dylana through this amazing blogger world on a trip to Malibu. I dont throw around the word soul mate lightly but these two were meant to be in my life. Such inspirations when it comes to work ethics and creativity so if you dont already follow them then now you should! Click on their names above.

Nicaragua, is freedom. I miss waking up with the sun rise, throwing on my yoga gear and my Tevas to walk through the little pathways to the yoga hut that overlooks the ocean in a magical way. The salty air creating dreadlocks in my hair and me easing into not caring about anything but this exact moment. And then a sun salutation before 9am! The Aqua Wellness resort is literally a retreat. It is the experience of what strapping into happiness and freedom feels like.

What does freedom mean to you? Freedom means something else to every one. To me, I am learning more and more happiness comes from the recognition of simplicity. The little things that make life sweet like friends, sharing laughs, sharing dances while watching the sunset on the beach, moving your body first thing in the morning. Not putting on make up and only having 5 outfits to choose from every morning, which include bikinis. Minimizing a thought and concern process is key to feeling light on your toes. I took simplicity to another level on this getaway and only brought a carry on. I figured, I am going on a retreat that is meant to encourage freedom and happiness so less is more and more is quality time with friends in a magical place. My Teva sandals encourage simplicity. The decision making process is next to nothing because they match every beach outfit, they are all comfortable and can handle water, climbing on rocks, long drives and also wandering new cities. Plus, they are super travel friendly when you are short on suitcase space.

5 ways to strap into your own freedom

1. Find joy in simplicity and celebrate the small things and feeling light on your feet

2. Share a laugh or a smile with a friend or a stranger

3. Watch a sunset, like really watch it, dance to it sing to it cherish it

4. Wear things that make you feel good

5. Travel to an unknown location wether it is around the corner of where you live or a trip to the tropics feel the contrast it gives you. That is freedom.

I am so lucky to get to experience new places the way I do, so I have made a pact with myself to make the very most out of every opportunity I get to travel the world. Collaborating with friends and meeting new people and getting creative with brands is part of the quest to experience freedom. Make a pact to experience your upcoming summer with the hashtag #StrapIntoFreedom in mind. And snag yourself a pair of these Tevas, BECAUSE they are actually the best sandals and will not hold you back an inch for any adventure you have planned, not even walking through rivers and getting swept away by ocean waves. Also, great for festivals! *winkwink

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