Spark your creativity with a playlist and custom diffuser blend

Monday 02 April

Create Space

Happy April! I am inviting creativity by setting the mood at home with the perfect playlist and a custom diffuser blend with my favorite Vitruvi essential oils.

Here is my custom diffuser cocktail to spark creativity and innovation using all my favorite Vitruvi essential oils. Mix these with water in your diffuser to create a heavenly fresh and grounding spring scent in your home.

8 drops Rosemary

8 drops Frankincense

4 drops Cedarwood

3 drops Geranium

Bring Aromatherapy into your home with Vitruvi’s essential Oils

Happy April friends. I though this is the perfect fresh start to create something new for you. I am really focused on creating space for creativity and for new ideas to prosper and flourish. 

It all begins with setting the mood surroundings are a direct reflection of your vibe. My home is my sanctuary and also the place where I work and usually flow when it comes to creativity.

This process does not just happen without help. Windows open, breeze in, candles on, candles off. Music on music off, walk around the apartment play with my diffuser scents! This is a process of an alchemist! Creativity needs to be sparked. To me this happens with stimulating my scenes. 

This week I sat down and tested out a few scents for my diffuser that made me focus, feel the spring vibes and help me feel that inner happiness more deeply. This past month I have been struggling with maintaining focus and motivation to execute. I am interpreting this blockage with being a little in my head and airy about things, so I tried to find a fresh but grounding scent to bring me back to earth and to change the mood from Winter to Spring. 

Excited to share my blend of Vitruvi essential oils with you guys, maybe it will also bring you back to earth and help you execute all those ideas that have been flying around in your head in this first part of the year of 1111. Spring is a time for new beginnings and to me this is what it smells like. 

To complete the mood you need the soundtrack. Creating a playlist is nothing short of a science project for me. I intently listen to music and sounds so the vibe and the flow of each song needs to be just right. The flow of a playlist needs to be something you can tune in and out of as you wish. Either a focus tool or a refocus tool. Yes, this is how much thought goes into my work day playlists. Which is why I am so excited to share this one anyone that feels like they need a bit of external help to plug in right now. I tested it while working, while walking through the city and also while lying on my living room floor. She is ready for you! Music is an escape from any real world noise wether that is actual noise or thoughts that need to be left in your past. It triggers our emotions, and can stimulate your creativity especially if it gets you moving and smiling. 

Follow the playlist I curated for Spring

I named this one Spring Forward, using this switch in seasons like a portal to jump the now  and to leave the past 3 months behind me with a little wink emoji and a “K Bye” nod. If you love the playlist, hit follow and discover some other playlists that are on my Spotify as well. 

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