The almost Clean Beauty shelf

Thursday 26 April


Almost Clean Beauty

Coming out of my beauty closet and sharing my almost clean beauty shelf. A year ago I wouldn’t have even thought to have this conscious of a collection. With this routine I feel confident in what I put on my skin and that in turn makes me incredibly happy and excited to share my journey with you.


Glossier Cloud Paint Almost Clean Beauty Shelf Goop Instant Facial

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I am no where near being fully clean when it comes to living a conscious and eco lifestyle. But I think it is important that I share the steps in between as well. Will I ever be 100 percent eco, I dont know, because if you asked me a year ago I would have said even being where I am today in terms of being more conscious and aware when it comes to consumption is impossible. Especially because of what I do. But look at me now, I have re-discovered my obsession with Vintage clothing and I have stopped turning a blind eye on what I put on my skin, really what has happened is this process has given me boundaries to accepting jobs, products and content I want to communicate with you all.

Being actively conscious about beauty is a new world, once you start digging into what is in mainstream designer and drug store skin care, it is almost impossible to “unlearn” and not to think about while putting it on your skin. Goop has been an amazing source for me as I learn the ropes, brands and products that dont claim to be something they are not. I have substituted a lot of creams with oils, Biossance is one of my favorites. It is plant derived and contains squalane, vitamin c and rose oil, all beautiful ingredients that bring life to your skin. OK so I love Glossier, while they do not claim to be clean they DO NOT test on animals. A lot of my choices are also based upon how much I trust the company. I am in marketing so yes packaging and branding also catches my eye in a certain way.

The movement towards creating beautifully branded clean beauty is happening now and I am so excited to be part of communicating, testing and educating you guys on everything I learn. I use EVERY single product in this post. I rotate as some of them serve a similar purpose. I think keeping your skin on its toes is also important. One of my favorite rotations is the Glossier Solution and the Salicylic Acid Solution by The Ordinary, DCM. Another company that is completely transparant in its ingredients no alchohol, cruelty free, silicone free the list goes on and the best part about them is that ttheir product costs $9 a bottle and the Acid Solution has lasted me 6 months and is not even all the way done yet. Another must have is Goops exfoliating instant facial. It says to only use it a few times a week but I use it every night. It has changed the texture of my skin! I put it on post Solution and leave it on while I brush my teeth, it tingles a bit but as you wash it off with a warm face cloth the texture of your skin feels soft and bright, if that is in fact a feeling.

Hopefully this helps you sort through the crowed space of beauty that is out there. I am also currently in the process in testing a few natural deodorants for you so you do not have to face potential moments of realizing they dont work. Stay tuned.

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