The 6 Summer Sunglasses you keep liking on Instagram

Tuesday 15 May


Summer Sunglasses

I find myself obsessing over cool sunnies lately especially the ones I keep seeing on Instagram in perfect hues of all my favorite summer colors. So I decided to round up my top 6 shades I keep liking.


Summer Sunglasses

Shop my favorite: Velvet Canyon sunnies, everything I fall for is always from Australia!

One of my favorite accessories are sunglasses. My only downfall is I always loose the ones that are my favorite, I can not tell you how many times I have re-bought my RayBans, because I can not be without them and keep loosing them. One time I lost them in the forest and went back the next day only to find that some amazing human put them on a log for me to find, if I trusted the universe enough that not everyone would just steal them. Faith restored, thank you again to whomever that was that saved my sunnies. Rant over, back to regular programming.

Sunglasses are a great way to look and feel cool in the summer heat. They make an outfit, but most of all they actually make you feel invincible at times. Talk to me about wearing sunglasses and strutting with a self aware and beautiful inner glow through a new town or exploring a beach. They are so much more than just a way to keep you from squinting.

This summer I feel like all these epic summer sunglasses have surfaced, brands are being so creative they are actually making sunglasses into art and a very obvious way of expressing ones personal style! A little shade and not the bad kind. I thought I would share my sunglass hunt with you guys!

So here is a list of brands and styles that have me double tapping and commenting hearts on instagram.

1. Le Specs – they have the most sought after cat eyes

2. Velvet Canyon – Cant deal with how epic their instagram vibe is, goals

3. Chimie Eye Wear – The yellow reflectors you have been looking for

4. Raen – The perfect pink ovals for perfect instagram flatlays

5. Illesteva – The white cat eye of your dreams under $200

6. Rayban – Duh, but they also have a new oval stunner

Well there you have it, these beauties have all the click through power, and look amazing on! Happy Summer shopping beauties. Remember dont give the bad kind of shade to yourself or others this summer, see how it feels to embody sunshine and positivity while looking like a total stunner.

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