5 need to know travel tips to Lake Como, Italy

Wednesday 06 June


5 Need to know travel tips for Lake Como, Italy. One of them is NOT where to find George Clooney, just to manage your expectations before we dive in.

Lake Como
Grand Hotel Imperiale
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Lake Como and Bellagio Italia

If there is a place that could charm its way through any situation it would be Italy. Their way of life is simple and is happily on trend without even knowing it. Again something I love about most of Europe.

This was my second time to Lake Como I had to go twice so I could really dive into the vibe and the different things to do while there, both times was a quick trip. 2 nights is about the minimum I would suggest while visiting this area if you are on a tour de Europe this summer.

5 Travel Tips for Lake Como

1. Visit Bellagio – The town is without doubt the cutest scene you will ever see

2. Go on the Slow boat ride across the lake – this way you will get a feel of each little town from the Water

3. Hotel suggestions: Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Hotel Bellagio, Grand Hotel Imperiale

4. On your boat ride day get out and explore Castello di Vezio

5. There is a secret little zone in Bellagio where you walk through a little stone path all the way to the water. Google map shows it as Bellagio Porticciolo Di Pescallo

I know the attractions are mostly near the ocean but Italy is more than just the Amalfi Coast. Seeing how these towns are built up on the mountains surrounding this magestic lake is so charming. I always wonder how all the towns got to where they are. My Mom and I loved exploring and 48 hours was enough to do a day on the lake and in Bellagio and a day by our Hotel Pool which is a plus when it is built right over the lake. When selecting a hotel on Lake Como that would be one of my criteria without being to picky I want you guys to have the full experience and that means pool lounging with lake and mountain views. Also, pick a hotel room with the lake view if possible. The three hotels I highlighted above are all in a different price range and all in different towns on the lake. Ok and now to the obvious, eat pasta, pizza and gelato and drink aperol spitz by a cafe on the lake. You cant really go wrong with any spot that gives you the privilege of eating with a billion dollar view the italians know food. I would go back a million more times just because of the views and the vibe. If you have any additional suggestions please send them my way so I can add them to my list.

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