Disconnect with a simple Nature meditation

Thursday 21 June

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Sometimes I just feel like I want time to stand still so I can catch up. My go to for disconnecting and grounding is a really simple nature meditation which I cant wait to share.


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Did you know that nature is a healer. Just being outside and surrounding yourself with trees when possible can act as a grounding tool in your hectic life. When I feel like my head is spinning and I feel unbalanced I literally have learnt exactly what I need to do. Go outside. In Vancouver I go to the beach and here I have made sure that once every two days my Mom and I connect with nature. For her it raises her vibrations and gives her strength, her mood changes entirely. For me it is about grounding and clearing my head, but also creating space for creativity. We disconnect from phones make time stand still surrounded by fresh air and the always welcoming sounds of the forest.

A Simple Nature Meditation

Leave your phone behind and surround yourself with nature, the sounds the smell everything must feel like its enveloping you. Bring a journal and walk toward a spot you know that has a view that makes you feel good. As you walk, breathe deeply and enjoy the clean air running through your lungs. Really feel it, imagine you are seeing everything for the first time and that everything is truly alive and putting on a show just for you. Focus on each branch, each leaf and the color it has, the way it sparkles when the light hits it. Nature has so many gifts for us to offer, just like any other meditation the goal here is to quite the mind so you can actually see and feel your way through the beauty nature has to offer us. Make all your thoughts consist of  what you see in front and around you. When you get to your spot sit and close your eyes, breath in and exhale 3 times. And then just write. Whatever comes to mind. I usually go to the forest with something on my mind so what goes in my journal always relieves that thought or concern. As soon as something is on paper it becomes less of a mess in your own mind.

Something else I just tried with my Mom is writing 2 pages of affirmations. No matter how many are repeated just write, I am loved, I am light, I am beautiful. Then take three deep breaths to clear your thoughts and look at your pages and circle three that made you feel something deeply. Can you feel the relief the exhale and the shift in your being? 

This exercise can take however long you want it to. I usually disappear for about an hour. It changes my mood, it helps me find creativity when its blocked and when I feel anxiety about what way life is suppose to be going or NOT this is what I do. Even if I have important decisions to make, this ritual makes everything clear as the sky!

Let me know if you have any grounding or disconnecting rituals. I would be so interested to learn what you do.

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