Euro Style approved and on Sale

Monday 04 June


It has been a minute since posting. So here is my official statement, I will be in Europe all summer scouting the euro style and way for you and me.


Tee by Adidas, Skirt by Ganni, Sneakers by All Birds

Photos by Nicola Pitaro

Its been a minute since chatting with you. The boring answer is that I had some difficulties with a random hack to my site!

But in cooler news, I am back and I have landed with both feet in Europe. As you all know I am here with my Mom walking beside each other through this journey of Cancer. There is no place on earth I would rather be. But also, since I am here I need to dive into work from this side of the pond. Europe for the Summer! Who knew. I wished myself here on New Years eve and what do you know it became reality! It doesn’t matter how but it did.

So the Euro style way of life is somehow just so good. The effortless style, the beautiful backdrops and the endless bread ad cheese supplies. Europe doesn’t even know how trendy it is, which is what makes it even more appealing. This outfit is very Parisienne summer, its easy to get around on a Vespa its easy to carry a baguette home from the market and it looks and feels summery without trying to hard. One of my good friends has a pretty cute collection of two wheelers. They call them “töffli” cause its not a vespa! So there is your first swiss lesson!

Of course we cant all be galavanting European towns right now BUT what you can do is browse my selection of Euro summer pieces I curated for you from mostly the Sale Selection on Nordstrom! Happy Summer Hunnies. I am so glad to be back in action, it feels nice to share this right now.

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