A look inside a luxury escape to the One & Only, Palmilla

Tuesday 31 July


One & Only Palmilla

A look inside a luxury escape to the pearl of the Sea of Cortez. Cabo San Jose is home to The One & Only Palmilla. This resort is known to know every detail about what makes the perfect luxury retreat. We were so lucky to get to experience this level of excellence and I am so excited to take you on a tour.

Suviche by One & Only

One & Only Spa
Kiara at One & Only Spa
One & Only Cabo San Lucas

Urban Outfitters on KiaraThe Pool at One & Only PalmillaLuxury Hotels One & Only Palmilla Pool

In many ways this resort can be experienced in any way you want to. It can be the perfect hide away. Where you retreat to taking advantage of luxury room service private pools and private hammocks or you can choose your own adventure and take a surf lesson on the private beach and head into San Jose del Cabo to get a taste of the more local spirit and then spend the afternoon laying by the pool enjoying the pool bar and all its excellence, and by that I mean, perfect views and drool worthy tacos.

The insider tip to beach day excellence is your own private cove, equipped with a day bed and a hammock that lets you lay of the glistening waves of the sea of cortez. As a guest you can reserve your own cove for the day, I assure you it will unlock your personal dreams of owning a little piece of the beach and enjoying all the luxuries you could think of. Reserve your spot with the concierge.

Private Cove at One & Only, Cabo San Lucas

Beach Chairs at One & Only
Firepit at One & Only

One & Only PalmillaSpa at One & Only PalmillaOne & Only SpaOne & Only Spa

The One and Only Spa is unparalleled to any other spa I have been to. It is a true sanctuary for healing and luxury but culturally elevated treatments. For more on the exclusive treatments continue reading.

Seared at One & Only

Private Cove at One & Only PalmillaOne & Only Palmilla Dinner experience Suviche at One & Only Palmilla Dine at Suviche

A culinary experience is part of a luxury retreat. It rounds out your days with a mind blowing intake of perfectly curated foods that also make you feel good. The One & Only has the most amazing selection of beautiful restaurants you can visit throughout your stay. Of course it does, but sometimes when traveling on this level of luxury there is something that underwhelms my expectations, when the stage is set so high the attention to detail becomes microscopic. This got me thinking of the flow of luxury expectations, when the world around is simple and minimal your expectations remain on that level and anything above is a bonus and is honored as it was not expected. Luxury resorts have the toughest job, the expectations are set at almost an unattainable level, unless you actually achieve the unattainable you are immediately criticized.

One & Only is here to fulfill every single one of your luxurious expectations. But for now back to food.

So where this all started was, that I had the most incredible opportunity to enjoy all of the culinary experiences during my short stay. If a fine dining experience along the lines of exquisite wine and tequila pairing is your thing then Seared by One & Only is the “normal life” pallet cleanser. My personal favorite was the dining experience at Suviche, you guessed it a collection of hand crafted Sushi and Ceviche infused with the french flair of the michelin star chef Jean George who crafted both Seared and Suviche’s menus. Suviche has the floor to ceiling windows and the view of the Sea of Cortez it is the perfect host to a fun dinner with a friend or a romantic dining experience with your partner. Favorite dish, the hot stone. Although I can with safety say that I am sure every single item on the menu will blow your culinary curiosity to another level. Other spots on the property not to miss is the Aqua bar, where I learnt how to make my favorite cocktail a very special Mezcal Margarita.

Drone shot of One & OnlyOne & Only Los Cabos Dine at the One & Only Palmilla

Some of my favorite day dishes that are obviously served by the beach or pool or in your private cove were you are enjoying the gorgeous sea breeze or anywhere else you wish to be served are fish tacos and ceviche! I could eat this twice a day while in Mexico. Before I jump on a plane and fly there just for this exact combo to be served, lets focus on something else.

One & Only Los Cabos private BeachOne & Only Palmilla Spa

The Spa. In true One & Only Palmilla fashion the Spa is an unparalleled experience. You can find treatments there that you did not even know existed! The spa is more of a luxurious wellness retreat that will elevate every inch of your being. The therapies are all routed in ancient traditions and thus nothing like you have ever experienced before. This was my second time experiencing the Spa, our treatment was a massage a couples massage in our own private cabana. The cabanas offer private tranquility to the max, some have their own little plunge pools and foot baths you could spend the entire day just indulging in relaxation and rejuvenation rituals. Each experience is designed specifically for One & Only. So you can be sure that you are experiencing exclusivity in its deepest form. The Palmilla property also just opened a ritual experience called Temazcal, a deep routed ancient Mayan spiritual healing tradition.  I would travel back there in an instant to experience this in person.

Our experience was incredible. Period. But, I dont think that comes as a surprise. I wanted to highlight a few other little things that may have never been written about before. A stand out detail for me beyond every second of our stay was that each employee no matter their role greeted every other employee and guest with a hand over their heart a smile and a nod. A One & Only gesture deeply ingrained in their philosophy. These little details do not go unnoticed this means their philosophy is inclusive and respectful and just a simple gesture like that bleeds throughout their entire atmosphere. I was also impressed upon arrival that the slippers in the room actually fit me, usually they are to big, how did they know? Oh well, turns out the driver from the airport asks very specific questions while on the road to paradise and lets the concierge know without a blink, your entire arrival at the property is tailored to your own desires that magically manifested. So smart!

To me, luxury is luxury like I mentioned above, it paves the way to set your standards at a level that is almost impossible to meet. But then there is also the luxury that lies within the details and that is where the real magic happens. Everyone can impress with a pretty exterior but it is the details where the bar really gets raised and experiences are heightened.

Special thanks to:

Brit Gill for all images

The One & Only, Palmilla for having us.

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