Freshen up at the beach with this simple beauty routine

Monday 23 July


RMS Cover up

A minimal collection of clean beauty products you can bring to the beach for a quick way to freshen up and enhance that summer glow.


Nala Care deodorant
Beauty for the Beach
Coola clean SPF sunscreen
Sommer Swim bikini on Kiara
Hydrating is self love
Nude by Nature bronzerRMS clean beauty productsGlossier cloud paint for the beach

Location: Cauma See, Switzerland

Beach life is the best life. I am a minimalist when it comes beauty products especially ones that I carry around in my bag on the go. But lets be real sometimes a little freshen up at the beach to enhance the natural summer glow is welcomed, you never know where the dog days of summer will take you post lake or ocean swims. So here are a few of my favorite products that I use on the daily, as you can see the packages are no longer in perfect shape. Also they are not all completely clean but like I have wrote about before in the almost clean beauty shelf, it is a process to go completely clean and the products I have I am so so happy and confident with.

1.RMS UnCover up – Is perfect natural  coverage I use to quickly cover up spots on the go plus any dark circles under the eyes. It blends so smoothly I dont even need to use foundation over it after, RMS is clean and now available at Sephora

2.RMS Luminizer – I add just a bit on my cheekbones and even as eye shadow for that extra glow, also this luminizer is totally clean and now available at Sephora

3. Coola – Really the only spf sunscreen you should ever use. Ive tried others and Coola is still the winner especially this one that is lightly tinted for your face. This Coola product is also Clean and available at Sephora.

4. Glossier – Cloud paint is perfect to give yourself that naturally blushed look it mixes in smoothly onto your skin so it looks extra natural. I blend two colors haze and dusk to make one look like blush and the other acts as a little contour.

5. Nala Care – Complete free form deodorant. This deodorant is all natural and smells like your favorite essential oils blend. It works at making you feel fresh again and even gives hints of an all natural perfume.

6. Nude by NatureSheer glow is the perfect addition for your beauty look post sun while transitioning between beach and home add what will look like just a sunny glow with this. This product is also created with natural formulas.

And of course dont forget to hydrate with lots of H2O while you are bathing in nature. The sun and some fun under the skies tends to make us forget that we need the simplest beauty product even more than when we are sitting by a desk. Drink Water beauties its part of your self love ritual.

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