Shiny and frizz free hair with an eco friendly Shampoo and Conditioner

Wednesday 05 September


Go shiny and frizz free with my new favorite eco friendly shampoo and conditioner by Maui Moisture.

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Taken in Praden, Switzerland

I am so excited to share one of my favorite new hair care products called Maui Moisture. I have partnered with them this year to share my experience with how it works with my hair and am so happy to say LOVE through and through. I am constantly searching for eco friendly beauty products and was always a bit lost in trying to find shampoo and conditioner that is both amazing for my hair and also free of silicones, parabens and sulfates. Testing healthy conscious products has been all trial and error for me, there are products that do not work as well as I was hoping for. But Maui Moisture is everything I was hoping for from a product that is Vegan and conscious! 

My hair is very thick and actually really curly and frizzy! Especially in the summer with UV exposure and a lot of lake and salt water dives. So I really need something that will help moisturize and tame the mane. If you know what I mean. I think what makes Maui Moisture the perfect answer to my search for eco friendly hair care as well as it treating my hair just right is because it is actually made with pure coconut water and pure aloe juice. It makes so much sense to me that something that is so natural for us to use for dehydration for our bodies would also be amazing for our hair. Also, the scent is incredible! A sweet treat that makes showering also, aromatherapy, which of course if you have been following me for a while this is something I live for. The scent of coconuts and what feels like a fresh morning on Maui, the place seem like a no brainer when searching for something that is good for your hair. 

I love that this product is so accessible. In Canada you can literally buy it at Shoppers Drug Mart. Accessibility to brands like this is key, I love seeing a collective movement towards eco friendly happening more and more the easier it is to test out products like this the more momentum they will get because there is nothing you have to compromise on with this product it smells, acts and feels exactly like any other shampoo I would argue it leaves my hair shinier and softer then any other drug store bought shampoo. 

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Another product that I loved using especially throughout the summer months was the coconut milk weightless oil mist. It helped me fight my frizzy hair at the beaches and lakes I spent a lot of time at this summer. I used to feel really self conscious about my hair as it air dried so would actually not go under water when at a lake or beach when I was with friends. This spray was the perfect remedy for air dried frizzy hair. I sprayed it in my  hair while it was wet right after coming out of the water and then the sun and air somehow created perfectly wavy curls rather than a frizzy mess. So I highly recommend this little frizz fighter for easy breezy beach hair. 

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There are a few other products I will be testing out and sharing over the next few months, so if this has not yet fully convinced you yet, I get it. But stay tuned for all the other ways I have found their products to work with my hair and the changing of the seasons. I got your back when it comes to testing eco friendly products. 

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