A fresh take on what it would mean to own a Car

Friday 05 October


A fresh take on owning a car

I do not own a car but I get to work with Ford Canada when I want to plan an experience and every time I get a fresh take on what it would mean to have my own four wheels. Read on.

Aritzia Sweater

A fresh take on owning a car
Faithful the Brand
Ford Canada Ford eco sport
A Fresh take on owning a car
A fresh take on owning a car
Aritzia Sweater for Fall Ford Canada

Sweater from Aritzia, Dress by Faithful the Brand, Bag from Charlie and Lee

Photography by Allison Kuhl

Art direction by Me

I do not own my own car, but every now and again I get to work with Ford Canada and test out what it would feel like to have my own set of wheels. Every time I step into what ever door opens at the dealership I get this sense of freedom. A sense of wow these wheels can take me to places I want to go in a luxury type of way.

This Ford had a whole new fresh vibe that came with it, I could picture the new Ford Eco Sport fitting perfectly into my life, it is compact but still an SUV, easy on gas with just enough space for any type of adventure. A true city car with adventure potential is what I would call it. My favorite interior feature was the Car Play. Phone charging and the display looking intuitively the same as my iPhone screen, gave me the freedom to talk to Siri successfully I might add plus have access to all my music on Spotify.

My life line is creating experiences! When all the pieces of an experience fall into place nothing could make me more happy, my friend from Switzerland was visiting these past few weeks so naturally it was the perfect opportunity to play tourist and create some adventure. Enter Ford Canada, and a road trip to Tofino. Tofino is always my favorite place to take visitors to, because it is impossible to describe what it feels like and looks like to be there. So we hopped in our EcoSport and headed to Tofino to stay at Pacific Sands Resort, which I will highlight here next week.

It got me thinking about the weight of happiness that having a car actually brings me. So many say it isnt worth it if you live in a city, but maybe that is exactly what you need a car to take you out and fill you up with nature and adventure and a sense of freedom and experience. I mean how much is that worth in the end? Well my never ending internal discussion on car or no car continues. But for now I am so grateful I get to at least get a taste of it once in a while thanks to my friends at Ford Canada. Go Further.

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