Sweater Weather, the two ways to interpret this statement

Monday 26 November


You deserve this sweater weather. Yes it is cyber monday and I do love a good sale, but I am also diving in to the meaning behind this statement and how it feels. It is really always about how it feels.








Sweater by Urban Outfitters

Super Puff by Aritzia

Bag by Herschel

Pants by Harley Jay

Images by Damaris Trachsel

It is Cyber Monday. Thanks Giving is a weird weekend to wrap my head around especially observing it from Canada and missing out on the actual experience of gathering with family and loved ones to kick off the holiday season with a big feast. From the side lines it just looks like a big huge sale extravaganza. Dont get me wrong I am all about saving, but consumerism has become a touchy subject for me. You can see one meaning or another in this title, one is about consumerism and one is about feeling a certain way. Basically the two sides to my coin at all times.

This sweater is cute and it is on sale and you deserve it. You have worked hard this year and the next month is all about gifting others and feeling cozy is the least you can do for yourself right now. The next month is also not all just about gifting others materialistic things, it is about being present when spending time with them and that requires energy so enter the boundary zone of, “thank you, but I am staying in and doing my aromatherapy rituals with tea and a blanket.”

But the other side of this title is the part that you deserve the time inside, the time inward to enjoy this cozy sweater weather. It is OK to be at home and say no to certain things because you just truly believe that spending time inside and not exerting extrovert energy is the better decision for yourself. Right now for me being cozy in bed with tea and feeling warm and held by blankets and surrounded by candles is what is filling every inch of my cup. There is so much power in saying No.

I have never been so aware of what sweater weather actually meant until this year. Yes its about cute sweaters, dont get me wrong, it always is. But I am in to this new deeper meaning of what it feels like to be wrapped in a sweater with rain drops outside.

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