Cinque Terre Italy, through the Lens of the Samsung Galaxy S9

Tuesday 11 December


Sharing what I learnt from using the Samsung Galaxy S9 on my recent trip to Cinque Terre, Italy. This review is basically real time me discovering all the capabilities and stand out qualities this lens and device has when it comes to influencer generated content.

So excited to share this post with you. It is my first techy kind of review that I get to relay to you guys, based on my own experience with the Samsung Galaxy S9 device. It is completely natural for us “influencers” to create opinions about the technology we use to create content. While our opinion is not entirely based on professional technology knowledge, it is based on real life experiences with the functionality of what we use to create in real time.  Since we “use” on a daily basis we get to know a product very well and what works and what does not. Our phones, cameras and drones, they need to be user friendly and be able to act exactly how we want them to in a timely manner, because, time is of the essence and we can’t be missing those kodak moments now can we.


On my latest road trip I kicked off an adventure with Samsung Canada to see what switching to a new Samsung Galaxy S9 would look like for me. I did not leave my DSLR behind and luckily so because “fast forward” to getting home and editing both image series from the Galaxy S9 and my DSLR, I discovered the real wow factor of the Samsung Galaxy S9’s camera. By chance I decided to edit both images in light room and that was the moment I discovered the editing capabilities in Lightroom on my Laptop looked just as fantastic from both devices. I know, I also have a little cringe moment when I face this statement, trust me, I love my DSLR, but does this mean I didn’t actually have to carry my huge camera with me at all times to get the shot? Minimalism while traveling is key. This discovery is the real switch we are talking about, the one of conveniently being able to get content that looks and feels just like a professional camera with the new Samsung Galaxy S9. I am the biggest sceptic, but here we go.

Let’s look at a few comparisons. They actually blew my mind in post production, aka light room editing on my laptop. I have noted exactly how I took these images and edited them so the proof is right here on this page.

What do influencers look for in a camera, mobile or other?

  1. Good quality post production possibilities
  2. Perfect translation of colors from real to digital
  3. Low Light functionality
  4. Fast click and save
  5. Depth of field for the vibe of a DSLR
  6. Easy access to adjusting of exposure
  7. Quick response time

These are the seven points that pop into mind when I think of traveling and capturing an experience. So does the Samsung GalaxyS9 speak to all of these needs? YES it 100 percent does. It even tells me when I have smudges on the lens so I can give it a quick wipe for perfectly crisp photos.

As influencers nobody knows how difficult it is to get those Instagram worthy shots sometimes, the key is for it to look effortless, but I can assure you it is not. The most difficult thing to capture is that famous Gelato shot. It’s hot, and the gelato stores are never in the spot where you want to also take the picture – so you need to act fast. There is no time for DSLR fidgeting. So for this I used Pro Mode AND Live Focus Mode to capture the gelato with the depth of field (aka background blur) and it was the only way to get this shot. So thank you Samsung for saving our gelato shot problems.

See for yourself. The proof is in the pudding.

Before travel videos were even a thing we created them see my YouTube page for more. My boyfriend at the time was equipped with all the toys. We made epic videos with drones, stabilizers and 4k video cameras, the works! So video to me means high quality production material a lot of editing through footage from different devices etc. There was never the discussion to create through just a phone. This is a total stigma, because viewers love relatable content and most of the time that means your selfie cam will do the trick.

I happily accepted the challenge to create a video of our trip to Cinque Terre with just the Samsung Galaxy S9. Without doubt this project was way out of my comfort zone. But I have to say, beyond just being shocked at all the functionality and success of actually using the camera, the video capabilities are just as mind blowing. Here are a few highlights when it comes to functions.

Super Slow-Mo and time lapses are simplified and successful every time. I swear the time lapses, looks like the phone is on a tripod. It’s not, there is a built in stabilizer.

Things I noticed when filming that users dont usually notice until it becomes something you miss.

  1. Microphone is EPIC, if I were to further develop my speaking to the camera this microphone sounds like a professional one in post production
  2. Super Slow-Mo is insane, my favorite part is you can easily select exactly when you want the slow-mo to kick in. Isn’t that the whole point of the function?
  3. It quickly starts recording when you hit record so you never miss the moment
  4. You can capture still images while recording video with no compromise to quality to either – a multi taskers dream

Circling back to post production, this might actually be one of my favorite features on this phone. You can put a memory card in the phone and then take the memory card and safely upload images and .mov files that are ready to load into light room and video editing software, without having to convert! You won’t believe this, but it took me FOREVER to get two clips off my friend’s phone to insert into this video. Some phones create files that are not compatible with any other device – so frustrating! Plus, sometimes the quality is below average after converting. The clips from the other device are the ones where you can see me using my Galaxy S9! Notice the quality?

The colors in these images are exactly what Cinque Terre, Italy looks like. Water colors that literally attract the entire world to come and see. These colors are what translates the magic to the pictures and that in turn is what everyone who hasn’t been here gets to see. Through the lens of others. If I would go again to this place that is also, busy as can be, hot as ever and also has a lot of steep steps, I would opt for ONLY bringing my Samsung Galaxy S9 and be totally confident I could capture everything I need with it to share the magic with the rest of the world. Stay tuned for a travel guide as well.

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